Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 44/1950 29.11.1950


01 McCloy John McCloy Hamburg is next to Max Brauer and Economics Senator Karl Schiller to the Senate launch. Harbour cruise. Loading of railway wagons on Chilean steamer. Launching of the Svealand the pieces shipyard motor vessel.
(35 m 2) Strasbourg: Europe rally tariff barriers on the Franco German border. Young people with a European flag at the border barrier call for annulment of borders, demonstration in front of the Maison de l'Europe in Strasbourg. Spaak speaks to young people.
(30 m) 03 portrait seen human: Willy Birgel Willy Birgel sits at a desk in his home in Bavaria. Mrs Birgel stuffs stockings. Daughter Christiane cooks in doll's kitchen. Christiane says good night to her father.
(32 m) 04. London: State visit of Queen Juliana and Prince Bernhard in Victoria station train. King George and Queen Elisabeth welcome Queen Juliana and Prince Bernhard. Horse-drawn carriage and escort on the ride to Buckingham Palace.
(25 m) 05. Egypt: Archaeological finds in the Valley of the Kings tomb of Prince of Thebes Mentemhet. Mummy.
(17 m) 6th United States: storm disaster storm surge. Flooded land, flooded homes and streets.
(20 m) 7th Soltau: 100 years of cigar factory Guild man Minister Seebohm congratulates the owner of the work. Renate Schacht presented box of cigars Seebohm. Jupp Hussels and Claire Schlichting perform sketch. O-ton: Jupp Hussels: "all day to smoke good cigars, that no man can withstand, come on, Claire, given you keep it up!" Claire Schlichting: "Oh, that smells so nice men. You given it up they go on, I want them No more. Children, which is gorgeous. Jupp is today a bit angry with me. I've bathed him, and that is nice in the water. Have I been looking always the SOAP. I have all found, only the SOAP not."
(35 m) 08 Bonn: International fencing tournament Bonn - Paris it contest Levavaseur / Paris against Esser / Düsseldorf. Francois Poncet as spectators, half-close. It wins Levavaseur: (25 m) 9 London: international football match England - Yugoslavia of 2-2 English attack. Yugoslav counter-attack. The English goalkeeper holds. Shot on goal 1:0 for England. Follow-up, but the ball passes over the goal. Crowds at the English gate own goal by back. Shot on goal 2:2 for Yugoslavia.
(25 m)

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Bernhard von Holland ; Birgel, Willi ; Brauer, Max ; Elizabeth von England ; François-Ponçet, André ; Georg VI. von England ; Hussels, Jupp ; Juliana von Holland ; McCloy, John ; Seebohm ; Spaak, Paul Henry ; Schacht, Renate ; Schiller, Karl ; Schlichting, Claire ; Esser, Peter ; Levavaseur


Egypt ; Hamburg ; London ; Soltau ; United States ; Strasbourg ; Bonn ; Strasbourg


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Railways ; Industry ; Disasters ; Fencing ; Football ; Portraits ; Shipping ; 99.412 Deutsche week show GmbH: State visits (outside) ; Cultural events ; Foreign policy events ; Archaeology ; Crew ; Anniversaries, Jubilees, birthdays ; Industrial ; 14 find book new German newsreel slow motion


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Weekly Newsreel

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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 44/1950

Die Zeit unter der Lupe (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title brand MC cloy in Hamburg/Dtschlds.T.z.W. camera: Stoll, Juppe Europe rally in Strasbourg camera: basic Menschl. GES.: Willy Birgel camera: Kang State visit i.London/Holl.Königsp.
Origin: Pathe news Egyptian excavations origin: Metro storm disaster in United States origin: Metro 100 years Guild man camera: Stoll 1 int. Fencing tournament camera: basic football: England versus Yugoslavia origin: Pathe news end brand

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