Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 17/1950 23.05.1950


1st mine disaster on Bill Dahlbusch in Gelsenkirchen newspaper headline of the accident. On Tower flag at half mast. Red Cross car drives. Waiting women.
(27 m) 02 Bremerhaven: fishery "Monkey" the moving ship. Radio room with two-way radio and sonar. Emergency call from fishing boat is captured. Rate determination. Injured sailor is taken on board and operates in operating room.
(47 m) 03 Hamburg. SPD party day rally. Dr. Kurt Schumacher speaks. Actuality: "this West Germany is the core of a United Germany, is the actual preservers of European democracy, will be only the carrier of the offensive spirit of freedom compared to the Soviet occupation zone and the system of satellite States, if in that country the last of the fate of hard and unjustly treated refugees, the last victim of the war, which threatens to resign today, the feeling has: I live in a State"", whose primary reason law is the achievement of the maximum social justice". In the audience: Carlo Schmid, Olle Hauser, Brauer, Luise Schröder, half-close. Clapping, screen-filling.
(34 m) 04 Godesberg: Theodor Heuss is the former French Prime Minister, Paul Reynauld: car driving out before Victor height. Paul Reynauld entering building. Heuss and Reynauld on terrace, half-close. (Germany's entry into the Council of Europe, common management coal and steel).
(29 m) 05. Aachen: Awarding of the Charlemagne Prize to Count Coudenhove-Kalergi award on Count Coudenhove Kalberg, as champions of the idea of Europe by the Lord Mayor of the city of Aachen.
(29 m) 6th largest arch bridge in Europe between Solingen and Remscheid high bridge spans the Valley of the river Wupper. Train. Fitters for repairs in dizzy heights.
(26 m) 7th Traben Trarbach: wine tasting cityscape. Wine tasting, great men. Vineyards. Wine as a German export in boxes packed.
(29 m) 08 boxing bear in cage fighting bear vs man and beat him.
(22 m) 09 Alpine rally with Uerdingen railbus travels through Alpine scenery.
(16 m) 10 Greinau: Heinz Müller painter frescoes painted walls of the village Greinau with images of folk art. Decorated walls.
(31 m) 11 Munich: white water rafting canoeing in whitewater. Viewers at the edge of the river. Boat turns.
(32 m)

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Brauer, Max ; Coudenhove-Calergi ; Heuss, Theodor ; Müller-Pilgram, Heinz ; Ollenhauer, Erich ; Reynauld, Paul ; Schmid, Carlo ; Schröder, Luise


Solingen ; Aachen ; Alps ; Gelsenkirchen ; Greinau ; Bremerhaven ; Traben-Trarbach ; Hamburg ; Godesberg ; Berlin ; Munich


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Buildings in Germany ; Boxes ; Honors ; Railways ; Domestic events ; Kayaking, canoeing, whitewater ; Disasters ; Reviews ; Shipping ; Townscapes: Germany ; Animals (except dogs) ; Disease ; Art ; Works of art ; Medicine ; Wine ; Listener ; Jobs ; 14 find book new German newsreel slow motion


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Weekly Newsreel

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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 17/1950

Die Zeit unter der Lupe (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title brand mining disaster in Gelsenkirchen camera: basic fishery "Monkey" camera: Juppe SPD Congress in Hamburg camera: Stoll Reynauld camera: basic Goudenhoven (Europe rally in Aachen) camera: reason Samuel bridge camera: basic Traben-Trabach wine tasting camera: basic boxing bear origin: metro rail bus camera: Gerzer fresco painting in Greinau camera: Gerzer kayak slalom on the ISAR camera: Gallardo final brand

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