Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 15/1950 09.05.1950


01 1.5 million German prisoners of war in Russia lost newspaper clippings "Where are the German prisoners of war," interim President Paul Löbe speaks. Actuality: "we call upon the world in our emergency and appeal to the conscience of every man: help to relieve these unfortunate prisoners so soon for the last of them strikes the hour of liberation."
(20 m) 2nd week of the book 1950 mother sits in Chair and reads, child pages under the table in picture book. Bookstores and libraries, book expenses. The writer of Frank Thiess speaks in the Hamburg City Hall. Among the listeners of Max Brauer, half-close. Interview: "we To want forget at any hour, a betrayed and misled youth with full rights of us expect that we cover up the terrible gravity of the hour with political phrases, nor with witty gadgets. Only if we writers have the courage, to see a doctor of the truth in the face, and to examine the sick body of our people, to the bone only then we may require a millennia-old art the attention as living representatives, for which I face today asked the literature."
(42 m) 03 Hamburg: exhibition "live better, happier living" basic room facilities. Table and chairs. Kitchen. Beds one above the other. Folding bed with curtains.
(42 m) 4th Bonn: mother's day Elly Heuss Theodor Heuss just pins a badge to the Catastrophies on the impact of the skirt.
(6 m) 05. Berlin: press conference with Ambassador Averell Harriman, Harriman no actuality gives press conference (aid for Berlin of the United States).
(11 m) 06. Hans Stuck: workshop for racing Hans Stuck enters workshop, where racing is constructed. Model of the car. Hans Stuck, big.
(14 m) 07. Berlin: horse twins 2 foal Mare. Colt Gallop and drink at Mare.
(10 m) 08. London: Dior fashion show models on catwalk day dresses and coats perform. Skirts have calf length.
(19 m) 9 London: launch of the aircraft carrier Ark Royal Queen Elizabeth christens the aircraft carrier Ark Royal. Aircraft carrier runs from the stack.
(20 m) 10 Algeria: underground power plant the Atlas mountains. Workers in the construction of the power station underground.
(22 m) 11 Hamburg: arrival Jersey Joe Walcott and training Hein ten Hoff Joe Walcott goes down stairs and receives bouquet presented by flight attendant. He speaks. Interview: "well I am the figthing here the 28 and I have heard, ten Hoff is a very good fighter. I seriously hope to go back to America as winner." Hein ten Hoff in training fight with face shield. He speaks to the struggle. Interview: "I know that it will be a tough fight, and I hope that your and my wishes will be fulfilled."
(36 m) 12 Wiesbaden: international tennis tournament In the men's double play by CRAMM-Buchholz against Harper bak. Spectators, half-close. Win by CRAMM-Buchholz.
(27 m) 13 Berlin: Sandbahnrennen sidecar machines and solo machines in the race. Sand fountain spray. Trabrennbahn Mariendorf as motorcycle racetrack.
(33 m)

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Beuthner ; Böhm, Hermann ; Buchholz, Horst ; Adenauer, Konrad ; Brauer, Max ; Elizabeth von England ; Harriman, Averell ; Heuss, Theodor ; Heuss-Knapp, Elli ; Löbe, Paul ; Thiess, Frank ; Cramm von, Gottfried ; Fleischmann, Heiner ; Harper ; Meier, Georg ; Stuck, Hans ; Hoff ten, Hein ; Walcott, Jersey Joe


Hamburg ; Algeria ; Bonn ; Japan ; London ; Berlin ; Wiesbaden ; Hanover ; Frankfurt


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Libraries ; Boxes ; Books ; Electricity ; motor sports ; Press, press conferences ; Shipping ; Tennis ; Animals (except dogs) ; automotive engineering, automotive ; War, prisoners of war ; Cultural events ; Fashion ; Exhibitions ; construction ; Anniversaries, Jubilees, birthdays ; 14 find book new German newsreel slow motion


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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 15/1950

Die Zeit unter der Lupe (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title brand interim Löbe camera: Stoll week of the book camera: Stoll, tilting schöner camera live (Hamburg): Juppe woman Heuss for mother's day camera: Stoll Harriman in Berlin camera: Onasch Hans struck camera: Gallardo twin foal camera: Onasch Dior models in London origin: Pathe News launched of the arc Royal origin: Pathe news plants in Algiers arrival Walcott camera: Stoll, Stoll tennis kick-off in Wiesbaden camera: Juppe cinder camera: Obeng final brand

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