UFA-Dabei 1078/1977 22.03.1977


01 Geneva: motor show waterfront. Poster Auto Salon. Road transport. Alfa Romeo stand in the exhibition. VW Derby will be presented, Audi 100 is presented. Various details of Audi 100 as for example motor, body, dashboard. Porsche 928th fancy Italian cars. Several Volvo models in detail. Renault models. Drive along the Geneva Lake. Aral petrol station.

02. Duisburg: City Portrait (see also DSP 267, Elmu 754) Street in Duisburg, in the background of older houses and factory chimneys. Painting with this landscape. Rhine Harbor with tugboats. Painting Rhine port. Industrial plants in twilight. Painting with smoking chimneys and houses. Aerial view of Duisburg. Interchange in balloon. Modern sculptures and sculptures in the Park of the Lehmbruck Museum. Old workers residential district. Old House and Church. Industrial buildings with smoking chimneys. Steel industries. Ship transport in the Rhine port. Delete the ships. Industrial buildings at dusk.

03. "30 years ago": cycling in the Hall (WIF 93) and girls wanted (WIF 94) bicyclists riding on stationary bikes before big timer clock. Cyclists, great. Common feet on pedals. Spectators firing at. (WIF 93) Girls go in door: stage door on Porter over who sometimes sends them back. Girl in the room raise their skirts above the knee to the visit of the legs. Girl in hat and coat at screening a snake dance. Candidates stand in the circle. Dance teacher for assessment. Girl open coat and boots dancing Viennese Waltz. Girl in dance dress in coat, dancing tap dance and swing. Dancers in the Casper in long range during training and during the performance in Revue in dance clothes in the Palace Music Hall. Spectators and spectator, large. (WIF 94)

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Sachindex Wochenschauen ; transport


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Weekly Newsreel

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UFA-Dabei 1078/1977

UFA-Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Automobile Salon Geneva camera: Luppa City Portrait Duisburg camera: Jackson "30 years ago": race girls length wanted at the beginning and end of

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