UFA-Dabei 1072/1977 08.02.1977


01 Bonn: 80th birthday of Ludwig Erhard Erhard comes in the Bundestag. Welcomes Kurt-Georg Kiesinger (from the rear to see) and other members. Federal President of Karl Carstens, o-ton: "we honor one of the oldest members of the German Bundestag, who continuously has belonged to this House since 1949, in you and in you, we honour the man 17 years as Economics Minister and Chancellor who had a decisive role in the fate of our country. "I ask now, to raise the present ladies and gentlemen of the German Bundestag, to express our common wish, from their seats that you, dear colleague and past President of Erhard, strength and health for your new year of life and your further political usefulness may be viewed in our midst for the benefit of our people."
Representatives are available during the speech of Carstens. Herbert Wehner congratulates. Wolfgang Mischnick congratulates. Helmut Kohl and Hildegard Hamm-brücher. Helmut Kohl accompanied Ludwig Erhard after the ceremony from the Bundestag. Young Union with torchlight. Young Union representatives congratulate Erhard. Torch (close). Erhard Kopf (close).

02. "30 years ago": housing problem in the Ruhr area (WIF 86-6) Prime Minister Hynd climbs out of his car and visited the construction site for mountain homes, total. The construction site close to Dortmund in the snow. Hynd, laughing, great. Construction workers in bombed-out houses, building total. Nissen huts before smoking chimneys. Nissen huts, with two beds, kitchen inside. Glass wool is placed on corrugated metal roof as protection. The Nissen huts, total.

03. Netherlands: New housing estate in Almere aerial photos of new residential areas. Visit a new residential building. Entrance hall, living room, kitchen. Recording in apartments in the redevelopment area. House construction prefabricated parts. Woman cleaning the window. New district. Worship in the all-purpose room. In the same room school. Shopping Centre. Aerial photographs.

04. Hannover: children's Theatre (see also: DSP 269) children see through glass blocks. Pan across the onlooking children's faces in the theatre. Actor of the children's Theatre "Rambaff". Excerpts from the piece "Ali ditches". Looking to play. Excerpts from the piece.

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UFA-Dabei 1072/1977

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80th birthday of Ludwig Erhard camera: Luppa title "30 years ago" housing problem in the Ruhr area new housing estate in Almere origin: road children's Theatre camera: L. at the beginning and end of total length

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