UFA-Dabei 1071/1977 01.02.1977


01 Federal Republic of Germany: Lufthansa - briefing a cockpit crew on the way to the flight service advice. A plane is towed to the starting position. O-ton dispatcher (flight service representative). Crew informed about the weather. LSG airport cars driving captain in conversation with dispatcher (close), o-ton: Dispatcher: "for 500 Lufthansa today fly to Alpha-Oscar 21 ex Frankfurt to Dakar, then to Rio." Is Captain: "the machine there already?" Dispatcher: "the machine is already in position and is technically o. k." Captain: "Very nice." Dispatcher: "to track weather we have a cloud ceiling of 18,000 feet, on the zwoten part of reaching a cloud ceiling of 29,000 to 30,000 feet up here on the first part." Captain: "This means that we expected to have to southern Spain with pretty strong headwinds." Dispatcher: "Yes, this is it. A strong field is from Helsinki to southern Spain and influences your basic speed." Captain: "And what about that now with the notems? We saw through the already mentioned. Do you have still any special points for that?" Dispatcher: "no, I have no special points. On the way, Casablanca is closed due to runway work. Then, Madrid has failed the instrument landing system and in Frankfurt, everything is OK. Captain: "we can make on the fuel. We have a minimum of 62.639 kilogram." Co-pilot: "And the plan is 0-8-2." Captain: "And the plan is 0-8-2, so no reserves." Co-pilot: "we can save nothing." Dispatcher: "but we get there. In the schedule we are good." Captain: "since we take 63 tonnes." Co-pilot: "63 take off." Captain: "63 take off, 500 taxi, good can enter." Loading the Fugzeugs. The cabin crew will receive the Flugbegleiterbriefing instructions, o-ton: "good evening everyone. I see that you have taken your work instructions the shelf. If I may ask you three in first class and the other in the economy to work. Check please before boarding on needy mothers and children, elderly people, sick people. According to the divider, we have some 200 booked passengers, that is to say, we are quite busy on our flight. The machine is almost full." The crew is known with the cabin crew. Crew is on board. Outdoor-check. The flight engineer passes the form with the exact calculated amount of fuel. Refueling the machine. Inside check: All important on-board systems are checked according to the check list position for position. Final acceptance by the responsible captain. Passengers at the airport. Display panel with several flights at the airport. Start a Boeing 737 from the front.

02. France: model aircraft man with helicopter model. Electronics in model aircraft. Man working on model aircraft. Child is watching. Model airplane fans with their models. Various departures of model aircraft. Remote control on the ground. Mirage bomber as a model in flight. Landings of model aircraft.

03. Federal Republic of Germany: "30 years ago" - winter streiflichter (WIF 91) ice fields in the North Sea. Frozen fish cutters. Ice fields. Reverberant in the middle of the ice. Berlin: Artists in their home. Conductor of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra Sergiu Celebidache put rugs outside the window and then sits down at the piano. Hilde Körber family in a small heated room in her apartment. Hans Söhnker chop wood. Plants are showered by water protected against frost. This creates an insulating layer of air between the ice and plant. Plants are thawed out again in the greenhouse. Hamburg: Fishing on the frozen Alster Lake.

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Sachindex Wochenschauen ; transport


Newsreel (G)


Weekly Newsreel

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UFA-Dabei 1071/1977

UFA-Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Lufthansa - briefing camera: L. model aircraft origin: Pathé magazine title "30 years ago" winter grazing lights at the beginning and end of total length

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