UFA-Dabei 1060/1976 15.11.1976


01 Stuttgart: 90 years automotive Mercedes Benz test range. Mercedes cars. The 1 car in the world, Karl Benz patent motor car. Munich: Vintage car rally. Vintage throws with flywheel. Ride in historical costumes on the old-timers. Woman films. Various vintage drive through Munich's streets. Vintage before the Munich Town Hall. Stuttgart: Mercedes works by top transformer. Assembly Hall. Installation of dampers. Shock absorber test. Mercedes car crash tests: exit against wall frontal, side and rear. Men attach window bars. Riding on the test track by smoke and water spray. Windshield wipers work when visibility is poor. Mercedes goes through the water.

02. Holland: Excavations in Utrecht the site totally. Model of the new music centre of the city. Image of the medieval castle Vredenburg. Archaeologists working on the site. Clay pots are found in the basement. Thousands of shards in the water basin. Amateur archaeologists be allowed to work in the archaeological site. Open water channels. 40 skeletons have been found during the excavations.

03. Germany: Soy oil report supermarket shelves with goods. Woman resorts to soy food oil can. Wife paid at the cash register. Pedestrians on the road. Chinese workers hurry on a construction site. Construction site. Street vendors for food in China. Chinese mother feeding the baby with chopsticks. Soy beans. Fields in the United States. Soy bean size, close. Harvests of soybeans. Soy beans, close. Chemical laboratory. Studies of soy beans in the laboratory. People eat. Corpulent people. Soybean oil mills. Recordings in the mill. Pedestrian. Young and old people and athletes in archive footage UFA 100, 805, 833, 943, 950, 951, El Mundo 611.

04. Germany: Retrospective Gottfried of CRAMM archival material: NDW 94, 237, WIF 272, 318, 364

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Cramm von, Gottfried


Holland ; FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF GERMANY ; Stuttgart ; Wietze ; Munich ; United States


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Trade, finance ; Industry ; Forestry ; Leisure, recreation ; Plants ; Reviews ; accident series ; automotive engineering, automotive ; Economy ; Testing ; Agriculture ; Archaeology ; Gastronomy ; Industrial ; Agriculture ; transport


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UFA-Dabei 1060/1976

UFA-Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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90 years of the automobile camera: Rau, Luppa excavations in Utrecht origin: Polygoon soy oil report camera: L. origin: archive material Gottfried of CRAMM archival material soy-OL report film review: soy recordings extraction v. oilseeds at the beginning and end of total length

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