UFA-Dabei 1043/1976 20.07.1976


1 BRD: dike break at the Elbeseitenkanal opening of the Canal. Breaking point, close. Water mass run on dry meadows and fields. Car is located on the roof. Water submerged roads, destroyed House. Houses in the water. German armed forces, border guards and police seal the cracks. Inland waterway vessel "Freiersthal" and recovery tanks make an emergency dam. Past empty channel, walkers.

02. Koblenz: nuclear power debate Federal Secretary of research Hans Matthöfer speaks, o-ton: "you know that in the public discussion on the peaceful use of nuclear energy in addition to the question of the necessity of using also the question of security of nuclear facilities in the center of public attention. For the Federal Government of the protection of the population and the environment and thus the safety of nuclear power plants is our priority." Panelists, girl writes. Shield: "nuclear power plants - the gentle killers", "Atom on the Rhine - No." Nuclear power stations from the air, Atom symbol. Recordings at the power plant representatives of EVU talks, o-ton: "In terms of our tasks, design, build and operate power plants and certainly in the near future increasingly nuclear power plants." It is not primary task of the EVU. at all times sufficient to provide inexpensive and safe electric power research and development to not drive--also in the field of security, but our customers" A representative of the citizens initiative, o-ton: "as Deputy Chairman of the Federation of civil initiatives I would like to first determine ladies and gentlemen, that we are not dealing with the security within the meaning of the Atomic Energy Act, but with the security of the population in terms of the population, and that is the essential point, which is the heart of any discussion about the pros and cons of nuclear." Discussions with Minister Matthöfer. The Minister draws a preliminary balance sheet, o-ton: "conclusion: we take risks on us in all areas of technical civilization." It is not right that the radioactivity, which emanates from the nuclear power plants in the normal case, represents a risk that is far above the was we usually take in stride. Alone, the average radiation of the population through medical diagnosis is 50 times so in the year – today – such as those by radioactivity in 1985 will be great. In other words, we must discuss Very much A lot wider - we must also discuss what happens if we do not use nuclear energy." Waterfalls, windmills, solar energy. MU 600, UFA 979.

03. Breda / Holland: Jazz Festival marketplace by Breda. Kick-off. Jazz musician on the road. Vintage music. Impressions of the jazz days.

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Matthöfer, Hans




Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Buildings in Germany ; Disasters ; Energy, energy supply ; Fire ; Musical events ; Astrology ; transport


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UFA-Dabei 1043/1976

UFA-Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Dike break Elbe - Seitenkanal camera: Ahsendorf nuclear energy discussion in Koblenz camera: Luppa Jazz Festival in Breda origin: road at the beginning and end of total length

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