UFA-Dabei 1041/1976 06.07.1976


01 Germany: ADAC story: traffic regulations in the international BMW on the road in mountainous landscape. Car occupants a man and a woman. Border crossing between Germany and Austria. Border guard checked the papers. Wife strap with the seat belt. Table "So you can sail in Europe." Tunnel drive. Short-term policy for collision damage waiver and/or passenger accident. ADAC brochure: SOS information breakdown and accident assistance. Alexander Gontard of the ADAC, o-ton: "because of the foreign legal system that applies abroad and today also because of existing language barriers it is especially important properly establish the facts after an accident abroad: so are the participants to write down, write down the vehicle and also the accident sequence and the underlying insurance record." It is virtually essential to photograph, so you be sure there should have a camera or a film camera after an accident in a foreign country the accident site and the whole situation." Telephone number of the ADAC foreign bases. ADAC-Auslandsschutzbrief. Two car wrecks on the car carrier. Customs officers checked the papers and the cars.

02. Düsseldorf: Interocean ' 76 Hans Matthöfer Secretary of research sets a cap with writing OCA. Hans Matthöfer visited the exhibition model of an oil rig. Diving suits. The function will be presented with a model of an oil rig. Model of a wave tank, evaluated the influence of waves on maritime structures. Magnified image of krill. Krill appetizers are offered to Ministers Hans Matthöfer. Minister Hans Matthöfer speaks, o-ton: "a new section of the marine research and marine technology has begun with the development of the Antarctic. In these days is the first German Antarctic expedition after the last world war to an end, the purpose of which was to explore the krill - and fish stocks in Antarctic waters, so that they can be accessed later then possibly even economically. These studies carried out in international cooperation will receive their importance by the fact that here a protein reserve should be developed, their possible Jahres Erträge that be considered by experts to be of the same order of magnitude as about the annual fishing yields of around the world. Basic requirement of any modern, systematic development and use of the sea is an intensive scientific research about the processes in the ocean. Only if you understand the nature, you will successfully can develop the technology for the optimal extraction of the resources of the sea and use." Listener (coloured).

03. Berlin: Song Festival in Leipzig a choir singing on the upper deck of a ship. A miner choir. Choir on the Kurfürstendamm. Arrival of the Japanese choir at the airport. A Japanese photograph. Pictures of the first choir singers of the German Association of singers in the years the singer Festival visited 1861 Federal President Walter Scheel. Walter Scheel says, quote: "it would be the most beautiful praise if later generations could certify the singers, they have preserved the unity of the nation with the song and Europe each, even before it became a political reality." Singers in traditional costumes. Boys sing. Various choirs. Small children. Kurfürstendamm full of audience.

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Gontard, Alexander ; Matthöfer, Hans ; Scheel, Walter


Düsseldorf ; Berlin ; FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF GERMANY ; Flensburg


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Border DDR/BRD, borders ; Musical events ; Indians ; Animals (except dogs) ; Transport: General ; Testing ; Customs ; Listener ; Exhibitions ; Viewers and audience ; transport


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Weekly Newsreel

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UFA-Dabei 1041/1976

UFA-Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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ADAC story: traffic laws abroad camera: Rau Interocean ' 76 camera: Luppa Song Festival in Berlin origin: BNF at the beginning and end of total length

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