UFA-Dabei 1003/1975 14.10.1975


01 Frankfurt book fair people. Policemen. Is Muhammad Ali. Some people greet him enthusiastically. Television and camera people. The stand by Earthscan & fully besieged by the onlookers. Interview Muhammad Ali. Hid his head behind his book, "The Greatest". Ali, half total. Old recordings with boxing match against Karl Mildenberger on the 10.09.1966 (see K 193).
Frankfurt's Waldstadion: Karl Mildenberger, great interview there. Mildenberger speaks interview: "this is the fight of my life. I'm fighting not just for me but for Germany, to bring honor back to Germany". Great Muhammad Ali before the fight. Weighing the boxers. Max Schmeling and Joe Louis before the ring. The Waldstadion, total. The Boxer in bathrobes in the ring. Presentation of the two boxers. Handshake Mildenberger-Ali. Joe Louis and Max Schmeling greet in the ring, big. Mildenberger shaking hands with Joe Louis. Hein ten Hoff Mildenberger pushes the hand. Gustav (Bubi) Scholz rises out of the ring. Gong.

01 round: Attacking Majumdar. Ali evades easy dancingly. Meet a few Konterschläge.

02. round: Mildenberger attacks continue. Ali dodging and countering easily. Balanced round.

04. round: Mildenberger attacks continue. Ali is better, without much work out to. The slow motion shows how Ali dodges the blows by Majumdar. Pause. Mildenberger is treated. Bleed two eyebrows.

06. round: Ali lands heavy hits at the beginning of the round.

07. round: Mildenberger is fresh for the fight. Ali attacked violently. Mildenberger deftly dodges the blows from Ali. ZL. Joe Louis and Max Schmeling as a spectator side by side, great.

08 round: Mildenberger lands a body shot. Mildenberger have to hit to the ground, will be counted on. Ali is attacking the battered Mildenberger with quick strokes. Gong rescues. Slow motion footage of the attack by Ali.

10 round: Mildenberger meets body hits. Mildenberger is attacking. Mildenberger with a bleeding face. Ali, hardly drawn has a completely fresh. At the end of the round, Ali counters. Mildenberger needs on the ground, will be counted on. Gong.

11 round: Mildenberger fight with almost to puffy eyes.

12th round: Ali hits hard on Majumdar. Mildenberger is standing out, is taken by the referee in the fight. Ali as champion in the ring, is surrounded by people and photographers. Mildenberger hard drawn. Ali receives laurel wreath. Mildenberger waving in the crowd.

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Ali, Muhamed




Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Libraries ; Books ; Jobs ; Exhibitions ; transport


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UFA-Dabei 1003/1975

UFA-Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Book fair in Frankfurt with Muhammad Ali origin: Fox, looking typically world boxing match 1966: Muhammad Ali - Karl Mildenberger in Frankfurt at the beginning and end of total length

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