UFA-Dabei 964/1975 14.01.1975


01 Hamburg: Elbtunnel report with opening. Inauguration by pedestrian audience. Helmut Schmidt is on the lectern. He talks o-ton: "so this was so at the time, 1967 or 68, as construction work on the tunnel put out were also Hein and Maris from Elmsbüttel appeared there in the Office building and who wanted to apply for the job. Yes, said the track Director then, but have also the necessary engineers and construction machinery? Hein has replied: dat man Plumb sien our concern, dat wi mokt very eenfach. Hein starts op Maakenwerfer in Övelgönne de Schnüffel on un ick here. UN in the Middle, because dröpt wi us. Yes, says sill then the track Director, which is quite nice, but how do that calculate now, that you meet really right in the Middle? Seggt Maris: Dat you explore se ok sien our concern. After all dat is, not our entrepreneurial risk. And if we really do not meet in the Middle do, tscha nothing can happen to you because have two tunnels." Multiple shots, big and close. Mayor Hans-Ulrich Klose, head, large and close. Chimney sweep. Helmut Schmidt drinking from a three-litre glass of beer. Mayor Hans-Ulrich Klose drinks. Archive recordings. Fair before the entrance to the tunnel. People walk through the tunnel. Bands play in the tunnel. First drive through the tunnel. First a police car. Monitoring the movement of monitors. Mrs Hannelore "Loki" Schmidt and Helmut Schmidt in the monitoring center. Köhlbrandbrücke. Drive through the tunnel. Computer-controlled monitoring of traffic in the tunnel.

02. Germany: Cigarettes report Cytrel hands light a cigarette size and close. Hannes Wichmann (DW) asks passers-by, o-ton: "Why do you smoke actually?" - "my body needs that. Well, sure it starts smoking, by you, you sit down with people together... "."-"First it starts with the self affirmation, is quite clear. And because, with time, the habituation."-"one could get used from there, if you wanted to, but I don't want to."-"I'm still at school, and since many smoke. For this reason, and sometimes I feel relieved as a result of me or so."-" I'm 75 years old, those who have smoked, which still all live. " The others have died already at the latest. No eye sees them again. I smoke 30 cigarettes as old sailor, that is knappsmässig a Bush, the others are all dead. Goodbye." In the background a tobacconist. Passers-by. Newspaper article about cigarette smoking. Dr. Lipp, head of the research and Development Department of a Bremen company, o-ton: "the most important goal of the tobacco research is the development of better cigarettes. The new smoke product Cytrel represents a crucial step forward in this direction, which was developed in America over the course of 17 years from natural raw materials. It contains no nicotine and supplies up to 90 percent less smoke condensate than tobacco. Its use was released to us from the Federal Ministry of health. Cytrel enables the production of a cigarette that offers still full flavor with a very low condensates and nicotine values us in combination with light aromatic tobaccos." The new smoke product Cytrel, big and close. Laboratory. Tobacco sheds. Processing of tobacco in the factory. Automation. Ready stacked up cigarettes, close-up. Finished cigarette box.

03. Hamburg: Liza Minelli in Hamburg excerpts from the film "Cabaret". Liza Minelli rises out of the plane. Photographers. You get flowers. Floral pillows under his arm. Close-ups of Liza Minelli. Press Conference interview Minelli: "Good evening, good afternoon." You smoke a cigarette. She laughs. Excerpts from the film "Cabaret".

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Klose, Hans-Ulrich ; Lipp ; Minelli, Liza ; Schmidt, Helmut ; Schmidt, Hannelore ; Wiechmann, Hans-Ludwig




Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Buildings in Germany ; Hands ; Industry ; filmmaking ; Musical events ; Press, press conferences ; Smoking ; Social events ; Transport: General ; festivals ; Industrial ; transport


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UFA-Dabei 964/1975

UFA-Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Elbe tunnel report with opening camera: Jürgens, fire initiation through pedestrian camera: L. and archive material cigarettes report Cytrel camera: Rieck Liza Minelli in Hamburg camera: L., fire at the beginning and end of total length

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