UFA-Dabei 938/1974 16.07.1974


01 Berlin: DAAD Berlin (German Academic Exchange service) breakdown of El Mundo 604 / 4 - same section. Americans Edward Kienholz overlooks the Kurfürstendamm. Kienholz in a Studio. In Bonn an exhibition of works of the Berlin artist program: contemporary art movements, realism, pop art, decorative arts, new figuration, light art and kinetics. Air consumption: Bonn.

02. Holland: hang gliders original aircraft. Jumps into the water with the "Dragon". Jumps in ZL.

03. England: safety car and scrap car racing safety cars SRV 2 with thick bumpers. Self-anlegende safety belts. Body support, the air bag. Headlamp washers and other safety equipment. Catch bracket for passers-by. Demonstration with dummy. Scrap car racing: Various shots with Junk cars in the race. The winner: Derek Cele.

04. Munich: CSU Party Conference on the marketplace speak Franz Josef Strauß, o-ton: "the left part of a minority of students, the teacher, of educators, the lecturers, the wizard, the psychologists, the political scientists, the sociologists, there it is, ladies and gentlemen, have non-worker, are still living in their but had never a shovel or a screwdriver in hand. Today, who determines the face and the profile of the Young Socialists: crazy students, academics had glue, Feral educators. Mean ladies and gentlemen, if we today sound the alarm, it's because with Helmut Schmidt, no pause in this way means the action of fresh start. We need a real changing of the guard in Bonn. Ladies and gentlemen, do you like here, you may belong to one or the other political direction here, but as a Munich citizen, as a Bavarian women and men you will have one together with us, namely the desire that our children are not chased by Marxist educators and Communist professors." Clapping audience. A listener with a cross. Strauß welcomed the party officials. CSU choice boutique. Goppel studied a book, big, close. Helmut Kohl, big and close. Carl Carstens, big and close. Russian activist Maximov speaks interview in Russian. Shaking hands Strauß - Maximov. Strauß talks about original sound again. Audience

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Carstens, Karl ; Goppel, Alfons ; Kohl, Hannelore ; Maximow ; Sedgley, Peter ; Cole, Derek


Holland ; England ; Bonn ; Munich ; Berlin


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Domestic events ; motor sports ; automotive engineering, automotive ; Art ; Curiosities ; Listener ; Fashion ; Entertainment, festivals ; Viewers and audience ; transport


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Weekly Newsreel

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UFA-Dabei 938/1974

UFA-Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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DAAD Berlin foreign artists camera: Luppa, Pahl hang-glider (bird people) origin: Polygoon safety car origin: COI scrap car racing (Brands Hatch) origin: COI CSU - party day camera: Rau at the beginning and end of total length

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