UFA-Dabei 937/1974 09.07.1974


01 Bonn: Sparkasse Day reception in the foyer of the new administrative centre of the savings bank and Giro Association. Minister Apel (Minister of Finance). Head, large and close. Geieger President of the Sparkasse, o-ton: "it adds up, ladies and gentlemen, happy, that this event coincides with the 50th anniversary of our Association in its present form. 1924 succeeded despite the turmoil of the inflation time was in a savings bank Association, in a Central Association, a local banking association to join together the fragmented activities in a new form of Association. Today, as 50 years ago, are the savers of our country at the heart of the work, so that those people that does not fully consume the reward for their work, but put back parts of it. For the vicissitudes of life, for their children's education, for the construction of a broadening or a condo for the old-age pension, for capital accumulation. These millions of hard-working people in this country expect that we us are consistently for the stability of the value of money and for the protection of savers." Finanzmininster Apel, o-ton: "you have sought, to assist the Federal Government in their arduous struggle for stability in a fair way. The fact is that savers also compels us to a stability-oriented policy. Therefore, they are a key partner as the custodians of the saver for us. "That also means that they have it in hand if we encounter during the debate on inflation rates with stupid or relevant arguments to our citizens, if we confuse the citizens or whether he is honest, I emphasize, honestly make clear limits and possibilities of the stability policy in our economic and social system in the global economic association."

02. Lake home: Lufthansa school Seeheim half-timbered houses. Colored girls get out of the bus. The training centre of exterior and Interior. Foreign floor staff during lessons in the exercise. Technical teaching aids such as booking, Dia-Geber, film projectors and video equipment. Learning players. Leisure facilities at the training centre such as indoor swimming pool, bowling alley, reading room, TV room, dinner dance. Training Center in the night lighting.

03. Munich: World Cup final: Germany - Holland of the Cup, close. German President Walter Scheel greets the player. Henry Kissinger in the official gallery. Chancellor Helmut Schmidt greets the player. The official gallery of Mrs. Dr. Mildred Scheel with Gracia Patricia. Initial shock. Cruyff is fouled in the penalty area. Referee Taylor. Beckenbauer, Maier, Breitner. Penalty for Holland. Despair in Helmut Schön and into the ranks of reserve players. Neeskens will score the goal. Fußballerbeine, big and close. Beckenbauer on the ball. Foul on Hölzenbein in the penalty area. Penalty for the Germany team. Breitner scores a goal. Despair in the Dutch ranks. Cheer on the German ranks. Repetition of the gate. Mischnick (FDP). Smacking hands. Grabowski are several templates, clearing Bonhoff, ball to Miller. Müller scores a goal. Cruyff, no. 14 under pressure and getting nervous. ZL recordings with door camera. End of the game: Germany world champion. G. Müller is kneeling on the lawn. Cheering in the audience. H. Schön and Franz Beckenbauer's embrace. G. Müller is lifted into the air. Franz Beckenbauer congratulates German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt, Walter Scheel presented the Cup to Franz Beckenbauer, next turn at the congratulations of Sepp Maier. Paul Breitner, H. Schön. Walter Scheel congratulates the Dutch team. A cameraman trips over cameras. The German team makes a victory run through the stadium.

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Beckenbauer, Franz ; Bonhoff ; Breitner, Paul ; Apel, Hans ; Geiger, Helmut ; Monaco von, Gracia Patricia ; Kissinger, Henry ; Mischnik, Wolfgang ; Scheel, Mildred ; Scheel, Walter ; Schmidt, Helmut ; Cruyff, Johann ; Grabowski ; Hölzenbein ; Maier, Josef ; Müller, Gerd ; Neeskens, John ; Schön, Helmut ; Taylor, Tommy


Lake home ; Bonn ; Munich


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Banking, banking ; Buildings in Germany ; Fouls ; Leisure, recreation ; Football ; Schools, training ; sports audience, sports spectator ; Townscapes: Germany ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; Jobs ; finance ; Charity ; transport


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Weekly Newsreel

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UFA-Dabei 937/1974

UFA-Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Sparkasse day camera: Jürgens, Luppa Lufthansa school Seeheim camera: L. World Cup soccer: final Germany-Holland camera: Rau, Jürgens origin: pool at the beginning and end of total length

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