UFA-Dabei 934/1974 18.06.1974


01 Holland: white water rafting trip in the North Sea participants wear life jackets. Getting into a canoe. Start. Swell. On the railing of the Begleitschiffes: People who vomit. The winner of Ed Boos goes through the target. Exhausted participants are brought in on the pilot.

02. China: artist school in Hopei training of the next generation. Professional and amateur acrobats at the training. Twelve Shu ying performs a Handstand on wooden tiles. Smiling Chinese. Various acrobatic artist.

03. Germany: Sculptor Rainer Kriester - portrait sculptures, which represent part of the human body: heads, hands, feet. Made of various materials: Aluminium, bronze, brass, cement, wood, stone, clay. Rainer Kriester, big and close in the middle of his sculptures, imitating one of his sculptures. Print a poster for the exhibition in the Gallery of Devy in Hamburg. Devy Gallery: Works by Kriester exhibited. Audience. Lahori interviewed Kriester, half total, standing at a large hand sculpture. Lahori, on the side, to see only the head. Kriester in the Studio at work. Kriester on the terrace at the breakfast table. Kriester large, close, laughing. 04. sculptures Frankfurt / Waldstadion: World Cup opening ceremony and the match Brazil - Yugoslavia Stadium turf. Director of photography, large and close. Soccer Domes. Open domes and various folk groups offer music and dances. In the Gallery: (Fifa) President Sir Stanley Rous, Prime Minister H. Kohl with son. Audience with umbrellas. Pelé and Uwe Seeler hand each other over the old and new World Cup. School children in white run on the football field and make the emblem head World Cup of 1974 Federal President Gustav Hamed, great and close opened the games, original sound: "I hope that the games of the 10 World Cup will be games of friendship and Fairneß. The 10 World Cup players are opened. "." The game: Brazil - Yugoslavia: Yugoslavia in white pants. In the audience, a Negro has a plastic bag on his head in the rain. Various scenes from the game. Brazil at the free kick, Yugoslavia defense. Some fouls. Yugoslavs shoot on goal, but the ball hits the post. The game ends 0-0.

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Heinemann, Gustav ; Kohl, Hannelore ; Kriester, Rainer ; Lüdcke ; Rous, Stanley ; Ying, Shu ; Nascimento do, Edson Arantes ; Seeler, Uwe


China ; Frankfurt/forest Stadium ; FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF GERMANY ; Frankfurt ; Forest Stadium ; Holland ; Frankfurt Waldstadion ; Hamburg


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Interviews ; Kayaking, canoeing, whitewater ; cameramen, cameramen ; Emblems ; Fouls ; Football ; Photographers ; Portraits ; sports audience, sports spectator ; Art ; People ; Architecture ; Charity ; transport


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UFA-Dabei 934/1974

UFA-Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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White water rafting trip in the North Sea origin: Polygoon artist school in Hopei, China origin: China Rainer Kriester - portrait camera: Pahl, Rieck, fire football - World Cup opening and origin: view i. d. World match Brazil - Yugoslavia at the beginning and end of total length

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