UFA-Dabei 924/1974 09.04.1974


01 Hockenheim: formula II - race and Renault 5-11-Cup race cars in a curve into. Grandstand sold out audience, including the woman with sunglasses and hat. A racing car is leaving some of the railway. Huge clouds of dust. Hans stuck Jr. in his car No. 1 several times. The car has printed advertising of Jägermeister. Stucco, big, close, and waving. A race set, large, close for Renault 5, with alloy wheels, roll bar, new valve spring and camshaft. Converting a Renault 5 TC. Renault on a tank column. Home to the first Renault 5-11-Cup. Various recordings on the slope under the other two accidents. Renault's move. Waving the finish flag.

02. Holland: tree rescue a VW transporter goes above a large broken tree. Men (tree Surgeons) get their tools: drills, axe, and steel bars from the cars out. Rotten wood is removed, the AST ausgekernte is secured by steel clamps and ropes. Where moisture can penetrate into the tree, a drainage is applied. Tree transplant machine at work. A large tree is transplanted into a bleak high-rise settlement.

03. United States: Beep ball (baseball) for blind children breakdown off El Mundo 595/1 - same section. Various shots of the game of blind children. Blind children through baseball. Manufacture of balls. Each ball is equipped with a mini battery in hand work. Finished balls are packed. Balls must produce noise for the children. Various scenes. Audience in the stadium.

04. Germany / Berlin: Udo Lindenberg II. part of Udo Lindenberg is sitting on the wall and sings original sound. Recorded big, close. A girl with blonde hair passes several times in front of the camera. Udo Lindenberg kisses the girl. Alexander-Platz during the Youth Festival 1973 East German military March, short. Udo Lindenberg with the girls, various recordings. Barbed wire fence in Berlin, people policeman with binoculars. Intermediate editing: Meeting Willy Brandt - Willi Stoph in Kassel. Again, Udo Lindenberg on the wall sitting and singing.

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Lindenberg, Udo


United States ; Holland ; Berlin ; Hockenheim, Germany ; FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF GERMANY


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Baseball ; Inventions ; motor sports ; Musical events ; Plants ; Advertising ; environmental protection, pollution ; transport


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Weekly Newsreel

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UFA-Dabei 924/1974

UFA-Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Formula II race in Hockenheim and Renault 5-11-Cup camera: Jackson, fire, Rühe tree rescue origin: Polygoon beep ball for blind children origin: Fox, USIA Udo Lindenberg II. camera part: L., fire origin: DEFA, archive at the beginning and end of total length

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