UFA-Dabei 922/1974 26.03.1974


01 Germany: Presentation of the new uniforms of the Lufthansa Groundhostessen of ground stewardess rises out from airport bus. You will stop at the steps of the aircraft. She is wearing the new uniform. New uniforms in the flight ticket sales and baggage handling. Uniforms are presented: details, large, close. Interviews of the passengers about the new uniforms, sound bites: "I find it great. Yes, I have to say."-"looks good. Like""I think it is Very much modern and corresponds to the time which is now. with better than the previous one. - "I see A lot but Not much difference, but I find them chic."- So something colorful, slightly more cheerful."-"Yes, I got them already admired. I so like the sporty style. Some of the ladies wear trousers. The colours blue and yellow are the most. I like it Very good."

02. Cologne: mass rally of the employer associations riots before the front door. Police with the protective helmets. Dr. Martin Schleyer speaks before microphones actuality: "here and now it comes us to disconnect the positions of principle which are forcing us to reject the decisions of the Government, and to request taking into account the positions of this principle by the political leaders. This right is still not taken the entrepreneurs. That this right also in the future of each and every social group remains - for we are fighting today. The only alternative, which the Federal Government is there to the participatory design, is a participation agreement, which ensures the functioning of the company in a liberal and free-market order. The functioning of the company, which is also and not least in the public interest, must not be overruled by a joint participation arrangements. Functioning of the company requires decision-making ability. Parity in the supervisory board but leads to the formation of the Group and to the decision-crippling stalemate. "This is namely the danger that threatens our order: the Trade Union seizure of power in economy, society and ultimately in the State." Incident: a man tries to push during the speech of Schleyer at the microphone. Prof. Dr. Hansen speaks o-ton: "co-decision, as it is planned here, there in no country in the world. This is true not only for the capitalist, but also for the socialist countries. Seek so-called "perfection" of the market economic system solely for their own purposes the unions with a false and dangerous means? Or her To want the joint participation only as a stopover on the way to the Socialist state economy? Both would be disastrous. The economy must remain able to act."

03. Rheinbach: Federal President Gustav Heinemann visited prison in Rheinbach, Germany a road in Rheinbach, Germany. Old houses. Music Chapel. Gustav Heinemann and Mrs Hilde Heinemann, listen to the band. Mrs. Hilda Heinemann visited cut glass Studio. Various glasses, vases, etc., large and close. The courtyard of the penal institution. Heinemann and wife to the institution. Talking to prisoners. Recordings in some cells.

04. Bonn: Opening of the exhibition "Art in prison" by Minister of Justice Jahn exhibition rooms, the walls several works of art. Close to great works of art. Most of the themes of the works of art from the prison environment. Jahn in conversation with a gentleman.

05. Germany: Portrait of the box promoter Fritz Gretzschel box talent Bernd August makes forest run. Continues with Fritz Gretzschel in the forest, both half total. Bernd August during training. Shots in the training halls. Interview Fritz Gretzschel, o-ton: "actually, I was already as a pensioner on Mallorca. I've bought a small estate there and wanted to spend my quiet life evening. But I can not live without work and so I got the idea, after Berlin back and here to open a boxing stable."-"Mr Gretzschel, there are efforts underway, that the professional you want to be banned?"-"Yes, but that can not be and that will not come, because if there starts to ban a sport, then you must ban almost all sports, because as you know "Sports is murder". Look, how dangerous is the artistic gymnastics for girls that are bent all their backbone after a short period of time. Just as it is with the players, head the balls. When you start looking, you will be need to lock half of our footballers for life from health reasons."-"how you see the future of professional boxing?"-"Yes, go on. You can see that we today already reset events on the legs, where 7,000 spectators come. That was in the last 3 or 4 years. a mere rarity" In the background several boxers during training. Excerpts from the boxing match Bernd August - Faustinho from Brazil. Fritz Gretzschel sits on the ring and watched the fight.

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August, Bernd ; Gretzschel, Fritz ; Hansen, Hans ; Heinemann, Gustav ; Heinemann, Hilda ; Jahn, Gerhard ; Schleyer, Martin ; Faustinho


Bonn ; Cologne ; FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF GERMANY ; Rheinbach, Germany ; Geneva


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Boxes ; Demonstrations ; Justice ; Police ; Portraits ; Reviews ; Townscapes: Germany ; Deaths, funerals ; automotive engineering, automotive ; Art ; Co-determination ; Crime ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; Fashion ; Exhibitions ; Judiciary ; transport


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UFA-Dabei 922/1974

UFA-Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Presentation of the new uniforms of the Lufthansa Groundhostessen camera: L. rally d. employers/Cologne camera: Luppa, Rühe President Heinemann in Rheinbach, Germany with a visit in jail camera: Luppa and opening of the exhibition, "Art in prison" by Justizmin. Jahn camera: Luppa portrait of the box promoter Fritz Gretzschel camera: Pahl, Kopleck at the beginning and end of total length

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