UFA-Dabei 909/1973 24.12.1973


Year in review: fight various battles. Cut-outs. "Knockouts". Photos from various Boxer brains, large, close. A photo of a scientist, the Boxer brains examined. Microscopic examination of the brain. Man on the street smoking cigarette. Boxing match advertising. Passers-by will be asked for their opinion. Actuality: "Whether to allow boxing or ban." - "Oh, I'd say, allow" - "also in view of accidents and the deadly outputs in these accidents?" - "Yes, the Boxer did myself on it. Then why are you doing that. So, it would give me in and of itself equals."-"this is a raw sport, which has no beauty who lives only by raw forces. There's nothing aesthetic in what would irritate me so personally to see that at all, nor to promote."-"Yes, I'm Very much against it, totally against it, but I am Very much for sport not for boxing."-"Why not?"-"because it too dangerous."-" Yes, I do not know I can not expressing myself, that they themselves need to know, people, whether they fight or not. "-"you should allow still you, because I am Economist. It depends on A lot of them in the general economy; the events, etc., everything must somehow earn."
Various stock images from boxing matches of the last 20 years. Heinz Neuhaus petrol station. Interview with him before his petrol station. Heinz Neuhaus tells his opinion of professional boxing. Quote: "an important decision in my life was that I became professional. Regret I am definitely not. I would become a professional, I would today somewhere on a work as a locksmith today I own petrol station. Yes, what you say health damage? You can't, judge even himself not that under no circumstances, but in my opinion, everything is alright."
Willi Höpner about professional boxing. Interview: "my decision to become a professional Boxer, 25 years ago was right. I would choose today exactly like. I now work as a trainer and go next spring to Africa to Zaire as a coach. I have not suffered believe damage to health." Recordings: Höpner to a school of the German Foundation for international development. Peter Müller as a singer in an event.
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Hoepner, Willy ; Müller, Peter ; Neuhaus, Heinz




Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Boxes ; Musical events ; Advertising ; Reviews ; Medicine ; transport


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UFA-Dabei 909/1973

UFA-Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Year in review: professional boxing boxing Yes or no camera: fire a contribution to the discussion of the camera: Luppa box ban with images from the postwar German boxing history camera: Seib archival material: 148.4 m roll length roll 62,-m 91,-m at the beginning and end of

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