UFA-Dabei 894/1973 11.09.1973


01 Hagen: cab taxi cab taxi driving big, close. Research Minister H. Ehmke visited the test section. Ehmke is cab taxi, various recordings. Function of the cab taxis: draws from the target machine the user of a magnetic card with the desired destination. The ticket reader on the platform delivers the storage system of the cabin the target data. A push of a button and the rail cab controls the destination without stopover. Ehmke in the shirt half total, talks about the future of the cab taxis interview: "what we are seeing here is still not a reality, it is an attempt. It is to prove the technical viability of the system and show his conditions and limits. The overall success is not to attack, this is only a step on a path that is difficult and long, and even in the best case, not without setbacks will be safe. Still owns the car of course always his great popularity, nor is it more comfortable car to drive, it is more flexible, it is individual. "It is of course because that the transport are not attractive enough and I would say today is generally still the motto: better poorly with the car, as well in the road, S - or u-Bahn said." Recordings on the test track.
(56 m) 02. Berlin: the German Federal post at the radio exhibition the singing robot. Ehmke visited the exhibition. The Federal Post Office presents itself as a service industry and information brokers. Models of communications satellites. Radio bearing devices. Demonstration of how to communicate with the laser light. The new phone "PCN"-Puls code modulation is considered by Ebrahim.
(66 m) 03 archive series Avus race from WIB 55th formula II: start and target banner advertising Dunlop. Start of the race car. Advertisement at the gang of continental, Bosch. Viewer screen (80,000). Car turns in curve. Ride through the elevated curves. Salvage cars on the race track. It wins Jaques Swaters / Belgium Ferrari with 193.5 km / h. Jaques Swaters gets out of car and congratulations. Formula III pile-up in the curve. Car comes out of the car and runs from race track. The following cars collide. Spectators close to half. Winner John Cooper, England on Cooper gets laurel wreath laid to Ernst Reuter.
Boxing: Gustav Scholz - Szuzina from 188 NDW blow change of the Boxer in the ring. Viewers cheer for the Boxer. Scholz boxes superior and ends up hit. Referee separates. Elegant spectator in fur stroking her head. Viewers wipes with the handkerchief over his face. Szüzina is wounded and rescued with difficulty through the round. Man beats Gong. Szüzina boxing heavy posted further in the next round. Szüzina neglected the cover. Spectator rips up the hands excited terrified. Scholz beats Szüzina to the ground. Referee counts. Szüzina trying to get up, staggers and falls against the ring ropes. Scholz is congratulated in a bathrobe in the ring.

04. Scheeßel: Rock Festival Oak Avenue filmed through the window of a moving car. Air consumption: calibration ring Stadium. The rock fans arrive with dogs, tents etc. Fans are on the lawn of the stadium. Tents, sleeping bags. The group "soft machine" plays. Various shots of the audience.
(79 m)

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Ehmke, Horst ; Soft Machine


Berlin ; Scheeßel ; Hagen


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Dogs ; Musical events ; News, communications ; Plants ; Postal, postal services ; Reviews ; Technology ; Bobsleigh ; Outlander ; Exhibitions ; Dogs ; Technology ; transport


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Weekly Newsreel

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UFA-Dabei 894/1973

UFA-Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Cabinentaxi camera: Luppa the Federal post at the radio exhibition in Berlin camera: Pahl archive series: Avus racing boxing Scholz Szüzina (title 7.6 m) Rock Festival in Scheeßel camera: Pahl, Kopleck at the beginning and end of total length

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