UFA-Dabei 886/1973 17.07.1973


01 sing singer couple mouth & MC Neal at the Alster Hula Hoop and show sailing on the Alster. Girls with Hula Hoop tires, a fatter man, many children with Hula Hoop tires. A chimney sweep with tires, a dog with tires. Sailing competition with OptimistenJollen on the Alster. Writer boat overturning, he swims in the river Alster.
(64 m) 02. Bremen: juvenile detention center block prison gate opens and enters a group of young people. Recordings on the prison grounds in houses and workshops. Large, prison bars close. Training room, young prisoners in a workshop in the nursery. Recordings in different cells, food output. During the Recreation: Table tennis, soccer. Bremen's justice Senator established Kars, why the recidivism rate is still very high actuality: "all the measures we have taken in the framework of the implementation of the treatment for the young convicts, in our opinion are not enough. If we fail to give young people a greater stabilizing, after his release by care the main difficulty simply is that the juvenile prisoners, if he is released, is tainted in the public still with one flaw. In our opinion, it is vital, if one is ready to take it up with more open arms than it has been the case so far. This is true for the employers sector as well as for the private and acquaintance area." Recordings in the Bremen city centre with a prisoner.
(92 m) 03. Hamburg / Toulouse: Airbus A-300B aircraft rolling from the front totally. Various shots of each side of the machine, engines, close-ups. Hull and fins are built at the company Messerschmidt-Blohm. People visit the machine. Recording in cockpit. Passengers in the machine. Recording through the airplane window to see. Airbus A 300B total, in the air. The machine ends up.
(56 m) 04. Amsterdam: Holland Festival of openair Festival, music, art, theater, happenings and artistry.
(47 m)

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Kars ; Mouth & McNeal


Holland ; Bremen ; Hamburg ; Toulouse ; Amsterdam


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Justice ; Education, youth ; aircraft ; Leisure, recreation ; Musical events ; Schools, training ; Sailing ; Container ; Surfing ; Theatres ; Art ; Curiosities ; Crime ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; Architecture ; Judiciary ; Surfing ; transport


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UFA-Dabei 886/1973

UFA-Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Hula Hoop and show sailing on the Alster camera: Salia, Salia, Bennacef Juvie Blockland camera: Rieck Airbus A 300 B camera: Jürgens, Rau, Seib, Ahsendorf Holland Festival origin: road at the beginning and end of total length

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