UFA-Dabei 878/1973 22.05.1973


1 BRD: Leonid Breschnew visit a stamp seller on the street interview: "The special map to the historical State visit with day and time on the original Federal House stamp." Cologne-Bonn airport. Brezhnev comes out of aircraft. Ruß. Flight attendant at the door. Brezhnev go down the stairs, followed by the interpreter and Gromyko. Bottom of the stairs, Willy Brandt greets him. Cameramen. Willy Brandt and Brezhnev move off the front. Policeman. Ambassador Falin. Children To give carnations to Brezhnev. Rhine front and rear on a hill "Hotel Petersburg". Police escort is in front of the Mercedes 600 Petersberg hotel outside. Mercedes 600 drives in front of hotel. Brezhnev and Brandt alight. Security officials. Brezhnev and Brandt close, sitting. Brezhnev's clean his glasses. Pro - and anti-Brezhnev demonstrators. Survey of people on the road because of the Brezhnev visit interview: "I am personally of the opinion, one shouldn't maybe be there with all the dangers associated with it. On the other hand, this whole presentation and so on, I would have it I saved."-" it would be more correct, if Mr Brandt would say Mr Breschnew, he should make the wall away and the mines and the barbed wire and fences. "
Ernst Tählmann, transparent. Dr. Haese asked Brezhnev trailer actuality: "Yes, I think very good times At last someone from the USSR coming over there." - "I think the visit of Brezhnev's positive and quite for an understanding with the Soviet Union."
Banners such as E.g. "Krefeld greets Leonid Breschnew". Police with helmets. Willy Brandt, Leonid Breschnew and Rut Brandt come in through a door. Rut Brandt and Brezhnev laughing. Mrs Furtsewa, the Minister of culture, short. Brezhnev, large, close. Willy Brandt with Brezhnev, who welcomes Helmut Schmidt. Brezhnev admired the pipe bag by H. Schmidt. Brezhnev and Brandt come to sign the contract. Brandt, Brezhnev and Gromyko, close to signing. Walter Scheel are also close sitting at the table. Members of the delegation of the two countries are in the background. Shaking hands: Brandt - Brezhnev.
(98 m) 02 bad Tölz / Munich: election of Miss Germany 73 girls cavort in swimming pool with foam. Girls stand in a row on the stairs. Girl in fur coats. Girl drop the coats and then faced the jury in bikini. Jury members include Jürgen Feindt, Roberto Blanco and Werner Finck. Ingeborg Braun, the new Miss Germany 73 (41 m) 03 Munich: I p 73 - stamp exhibition exhibition spaces: A security guard with radio in his hand. Several visitors. Some attractions of the exhibition: such as "Brazilian eye of the goat" and "The double Butterfly". "Black ones" from the 1849 from Bavaria. Ibra Commemoratives. The Federal Post Office Automation: an automatic Briefaufstell and stamp machine.
(59 m) 04 old newsreel - series Renee Franke from NDW 105 / 1: Renee Franke on the phone in voice communicating the Federal post production sound. Renee Franke with the Michael Jary Orchestra in recordings. Sound mixer on the mixing desk. Tape running. Michael Jary conducted, great. Renee Franke sings actuality "opposite cher ami".
Boxing: Müller/Santana from NDW 124 / 8: Müller and Santana in the ring. Müller's attacking fiercely. Melee. Santana boxes based on the ring rope. Referee Pippow separates. Santana ends up hit and is located in the 8th round front points. Referee Pippow separates the boxers. Excited audience faces, great. Müller bashing on Santana, referee Pippow lying on the ground unconscious. Men in the ring To try to overwhelm Müller. Müller is attacking the men and carers in the corner of the ring. Müller throws the maintainer of Santana by the ropes. Müller leaves the ring with arms raised in winning pose. People worry about referee Pippow which is up again. Hans Stretz as the winner by disqualification of Müller in the bathrobe in the ring.
(83 m)

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Blanco, Roberto ; Brandt, Rut ; Brandt, Willy ; Braun, Ingeborg ; Breschnjew, Leonid ; Falin, Valentin ; Feindt, Jürgen ; Finck, Jürgen ; Gromyko, Andrej ; Haese, Jürgen ; Müller, Friedrich ; Scheel, Walter ; Schmidt, Helmut ; Thälmann, Ernst


Munich ; FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF GERMANY ; Russia ; Hamburg ; Cologne ; Bonn ; Cologne-Bonn airport ; Afghanistan ; Bad Tölz ; Berlin


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Buildings in Germany ; Boxes ; stamps ; Demonstrations ; Hands ; cameramen, cameramen ; Children ; Photographers ; Posters, fonts, banners ; Police ; Postal, postal services ; Reviews ; beauty pageants ; State visits (inside) ; automotive engineering, automotive ; Landscapes ; Jobs ; Automation ; transport


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Weekly Newsreel

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UFA-Dabei 878/1973

UFA-Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Brezhnev visit in Germany camera: Luppa fire Rühe, Pahl, Rückert Wahl of Miss Germany 75 camera: Rau IBRA 73-Briefmarkenausstel.
Camera: Rough start of old WS series: title 7.6 m Renée Franke boxes: Müller/Santana at the beginning and end of total length

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