UFA-Dabei 873/1973 17.04.1973

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1 Hannover: SPD party day the Dome Hall and SPD flags before that. In the domed Hall on the wall a banner with the text: "for the expansion of social democracy in our State". Willy Brandt has the book "Willy Brandt of seven-seven" in his hand. Willy Brandt and Klaus Dohnany talk to each other, both large, close. Brandt, Helmut Schmidt, heads tall. Helmut Schmidt and Herbert Wehner together. Helmut Schmidt speaks interview: "... the word it is indifferent whether someone through the methods of Marxist economic analysis, whether it from philosophical or ethical reasons or whether he has become a Social Democrat from the spirit of the sermon on the mount, everyone has The same right in the party for the assertion of his spiritual personality and for the justification of his motives."
Look in the book printing. Girls distribute information material. In the Gallery part of the party leadership. Helmut Schmidt, Georg Leber, Annemarie RENGER, Herbert Wehner. Kuppelsaal, total. Willy Brandt speaks (beads of sweat on the forehead) on the cohesion of the party interview: "my word from autumn 1969, we would have to dare more democracy, is often been misunderstood." Of those, the reason have to fear this venture, occasionally by some who agree with him. Unless that let's also add: chaotic help the reaction. If it should To give here and there are individuals who think that they could represent the theses of the DKP or the SED with us, then you must them mean that they should seek other agitation districts as those of our party." W. Roth close speaks interview: "This Richtpunkte are accepted according to my understanding of the Young Socialists to party work."
Jochen Steffen, large, close, actuality speaks: "the essential economic course will need; be increasingly likely by the Government otherwise, the powerful impulses emanating from the economy as by the stormy and technical progress, determine the future. A Socialist control, i.e. State guidance, which will be enforced by the Government seems to be the only alternative."
Members of the SPD Board: Jochen Steffen, Rhunhau, Osswald, Heinz Kühn, Annemarie Renger, Eppler, Alex Möller, Arendt, Jochen Vogel, Börner, Egon Franke. Delegates. Willy Brandt speaks interview: "the consolidation of peace through relaxation, this our policy has become a piece of European history and that German Social Democrats can be proud." Kuppelsaal, total.
(98 m) 2 Hamburg: exhibition "Objects - United States" boats move in the rhythm of the waves. Port of Hamburg. TV Tower. The Michel. Traffic on the East-West Road, and in the background the Tower of Michel. Sailing on the Alster. US Ambassador Hillebrand at the opening of the exhibition o-ton: "it is not the custom in America long speeches, when there is an opening. The main thing is that you have the opportunity to see the exhibition." Fine arts and crafts from wood, metal, glass, ceramic, enamel and plastics of all kinds. Avant-garde furniture such as a desk. Audience.
(58 m) 03 Canada: Regina: curling World Championships 73 litter and sweeping in the curling. Men with special brooms sweeping the ice with fast hand movements. Smoothness thereby reached allows the granite stone slide faster and farther. Swedish team wins and gets the "Silver broom".
(38 m) 04. Hamburg: Emerson, Lake & Palmer a drummer with neurotic movements. A private jet, leaving the 3 musicians. The group gets beer offered right on the plane. Construction work on the stage for the decoration. Concert. Various settings. Guitar amplifier.
(80 m)

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Arendt, Walter ; Börner, Holger ; Brandt, Willy ; Dohnany von ; Emerson Lake & Palmer ; Eppler, Erhard ; Franke, Egon ; Hillebrand ; Kühn, Heinz ; Leber, Georg ; Möller, Alex ; Osswald ; Renger, Annemarie ; Roth, Wolfgang ; Ruhnau ; Schmid, Carlo ; Schmidt, Helmut ; Steffen, Jochen ; Vogel, Joachim ; Wehner, Herbert


Hamburg ; Hanover ; FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF GERMANY ; Canada


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Buildings in Germany ; Curling ; Domestic events ; Musical events ; Posters, fonts, banners ; Townscapes: Germany ; Technology ; Cultural events ; Art ; Exhibitions ; Technology ; transport


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UFA-Dabei 873/1973

UFA-Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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SPD Party Congress in Hanover camera: Ahsendorf exhibition. Objects - United States Wanderaustel. Johnson wax camera: Rühe World Curling Championships origin: Gaumont-Emerson, Lake & Palmer camera: Rückert, Rühe, fire at the beginning and end of total length

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