UFA-Dabei 872/1973 10.04.1973


01 Quickborn: Tersicore shield: Quickborn Tersicore. Children arrive with different toys. Children play in game rooms. A crying child. The shelves are full of toys. One of the employees of Tersicore tells interview about the objectives of Tersicore: "concrete objectives of Tersicore are first of all, that we To want advice regardless of the commercial interest and that we in addition time To want To give advice to try out. Therefore, we have introduced a daily hour of play. In addition, we To give this toy to try out with home. "We seek from the Tersicore that we children whose parents cannot afford good toys or Go ahead, little good toys can afford, that we instead of toys that these children, permanently available, because we believe that game material is material and that this material in each family."
A special toy: Ball State. Many children crawl into the ball of sand. Children to judge even the Tersicore actuality: "Are you like here?" - "Yes." - "why, the time. tell Yes, me" - "because you can borrow what and I can play with the balls in there. "And therefore I think it's nice here Very much." - "can you tell me, why you're here?" - "to the games, the books read and what to borrow." - "you like that?" - "Yes." - "why?" - "uh, because you can let off steam are so beautiful and you can play here so what you not at home has."
(79 m) 02. Bremen: Antilles: Krupp seawater desalination plant a landing aircraft. Tropical beaches. Tourists on the beaches. A woman fetches water from wells. Air consumption: Bremen. Recordings in the Krupp machine factory. Water large evaporator, close, great. The seawater is heated in so-called evaporator blocks. The steam is reflected then as condensate, collected after a cleaning through special filters for drinking water in storage tanks. The sea water desalination plant on the West Indies island of St. Maarten. Supply tanks. A woman being with a bucket of water from public water tap on the road. Bartenders, tourists at the bar. Beautiful wave of tourists on the beach.
(71 m) 03 France. Picasso - review of Picasso at work. Short cuts bullfighting. The Bullfight in various works by Picasso: Picasso, close. Musicians and entertainers in Picasso's works. Works in the style of cubism. Play with the prospects. Dove of peace. Anti war image: Guernica. Picasso cigarette smoking. (48 m) 04. England: Grand National horse racing Racecourse Aintree from above. Mrs. Tropham, the owner of Geläufs. Many evil-looking falls. Men and horses are messed up on the obstacle. Audience. Inclusion in ZL. On the home stretch duel between the Australian horse crisp and the British gelding. The British gelding WINS. The happy owner.
(51 m)

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Picasso, Pablo ; Tropham


Antilles ; Quickborn ; Beirut ; Afghanistan ; FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF GERMANY ; Bremen ; England


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Children ; Leisure, recreation ; Smoking ; Horse riding, horse racing (without harness) ; Reviews ; Toys, toys ; bullfighting ; Technology ; Art ; Landscapes ; Water ; Listener ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; Viewers and audience ; Technology ; transport


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UFA-Dabei 872/1973

UFA-Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Tersicore in Quickborn camera: fire Krupp seawater desalination plant camera: Rieck Picasso - review of origin: Gaumont Grand National horse racing review origin: Fox London beginning and end of total length

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