UFA-Dabei 852/1972 21.11.1972


01 Hamburg: indoor handball women: Union 03 - wheel Nicki Belgrade is away tagged beat a woman on the ball toss, the ball of your hand and the woman falls on the floor. A woman at the seven-meter throw. Gate. A Turkey throws a gate from the State. Another seven meter throws. Various shots of the game. The opponents are superior. ZL recordings. 10:15 for the Yugoslav women's team.

02. London: Mary Quant spring fashions Mary Quant, head, close. Newly presented old fashion styles. The woman as a quick-change style fried fish, Greta Garbo look or pin-up girl of the 50s. Shoes with thick soles of the plateau.

03. Germany: Bundestag elections Herbert Wehner surrounded by reporters, actuality speaks: "that is the ultimate question is how the listing manufacturers have meant they think so that the Germans need to assess. You have don't sell themselves." Walter Scheel, large, original sound: "Of course I am happy with the result and am open enough to say that I this result still not expected until a few hours ago." Franz Josef Strauß, head, close speaks interview: "the present election result is for us certainly not satisfactory, but it gives us reason to continue firmly with all the energy now as an opposition of great fighting strength and remarkable quality." Choice Studio, total, with many television cameras and monitors. A TV face at the party Office. Willy Brandt and wife Ruth at the ballot box. Willy Brandt put his ballot in the ballot box. Barzel comes out of the voting booth, laughs. It welcomes people out there before the polling station and then get in the car, then, which puts out the hand from the open sunroof and making victory signs. Edward Kennedy stands with women in addition to H. Ehmke, this is Günter Grass and welcomed Kennedy's. ZDF election Studio. Wehner, Maida and Katzer sitting at the table. Wehner has a pipe in the mouth. Walter Scheel surrounded by reporters. Samantha Roth surrounded by reporters. Helmut Kohl tries to find the way through the crowd. Posters on the wall with pictures by: Ludwig Erhard, Kurt Georg Kiesinger, Franz-Josef Röder, Dr. Konrad Kraske, Weizsäcker, Katzer. Cold buffet with two chefs. Glasses on the table. More election posters with the images of: Dr. Alfred Dregger, Wilfried Hasselmann, Walther Leisler Kiep, Filbinger, Helga Wex. The CDU party headquarters: takes great hustle and bustle to Rainier Barzel, the position to the election defeat, o-ton: "it was a campaign of all against us, and the others have also ruthlessly used the Government apparatus. I not want to harp about but. The result is clear: the others have reached their goal, we have not achieved our. We will continue to fight to ward off misfortune and we will remain just in opposition." Friedrich Nowotny also among the journalists. Genscher laughs. Ehmke, great. Flat, short. Günter Grass, Wibke Bruhns, short. Ehmke in conversation with of Dohnany. Rut Brandt comes laughing with son Matthias. Willy Brandt comes with Ehmke.
Brandt takes position to the victory interview: "this is not a moment of triumph for me, but it's taken us a touching moment of satisfaction and pride, and at the same time the over-riding, because we feel this victory of our cause in the duty. This election has strengthened the new political center. I will do what is necessary so that she will confirm the binding force of our people in the next four years as being the most. "Now we go left, but happy to work for our Federal Republic of Germany, for peace, - the word we obliged with the and made in October 1969 on the way: we want to be a nation of good neighbours, inside and outside." Walter Scheel is standing next to him. Horst Ehmke in the background. Scheel and Brandt shake hands after the speech of Brandt. Schaumburg gathers people before Palace. You call "Willy, Willy!". Brandt is on the terrace and is "Victory sign", Günter Grass and Walter Scheel. People have torches.

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Barzel, Rainer Candidus ; Brandt, Rut ; Brandt, Willy ; Bruhns, Wibke ; Dohnany von ; Dregger, Alfred ; Ehmke, Horst ; Erhard, Ludwig ; Filbinger ; Flach, Karl-Hermann ; Genscher, Hans-Dietrich ; Grass, Günter ; Hasselmann, Wilfried ; Katzer, Hans ; Kennedy, Edward ; Kiep, Walter Leissler ; Kiesinger, Kurt ; Kohl, Hannelore ; Kraske, Konrad ; Mischnik, Wolfgang ; Nowotny, Friedrich ; Quant, Mary ; Röder, Franz-Josef ; Roth, Wolfgang ; Scheel, Walter ; Wehner, Herbert ; Weizsäcker von, Richard ; Wex, Helga


FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF GERMANY ; London ; Hamburg ; Bonn ; Beijing ; Bavaria


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Handball ; Hands ; Domestic events ; Interviews ; Television ; Radio ; Posters, fonts, banners ; Elections ; Fashion ; transport


Newsreel (G)


Weekly Newsreel

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UFA-Dabei 852/1972

UFA-Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Union 03/wheel Nicki Belgrade indoor handball women camera: Brandes, Rühe Mary Quant spring dresses origin: COI elections camera: Pahl, Ahsendorf, Luppa, Zimmermann at the beginning and end of total length

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