UFA-Dabei 839/1972 22.08.1972


01 Munich: Jazz now Festival singers and musicians of the Polish pop group triangle going through the Olympic grounds. In the background the Olympic Stadium. Singer, big, sings with microphone in sports shirt with long dark hair and a beard. Drummer. Guitarist. John Mc Laughlin and his Mahavishnu band play. Black drummer in sports shirt, big. Violinist with long curly hair tugs and playing violin.

02. Olympia post office facilities at Munich Olympic Stadium. The Tower transformer. The communication facilities of the sports venues. Technicians at the wiring of cables. Current TV monitors. Man in white coat on the phone. Monitor space. The oscillogram on the monitor. Panoramic view from the Tower on the Olympic site. Erdfunktstelle Holzhausen with large mirrors. Runner on the monitor. World map with transfer entries in all over the world. Lauritzen talks about the facilities of the post office, o-ton: "alone 4,000 journalists from around the world must be connected to their newsrooms and their message centers, for almost 50 images and 3,000 audio cables have been manufactured." 5,500 phones and several 100 Telegraph had to be installed. 75 special post offices and hundreds of payphones were installed for visitors to the Olympic Games, and 3,900 additional employees and staff of the German Federal post for the Olympic Games have been used for the care of the visitors and the active athletes." Thick bundles of wiring, size. Remote detector facilities in room. People are at special post office switch. Young girl on the phone in phone booth. Two men sitting in the mail room at typewriters and writing.

03. Cologne: International fashion week is rotating screen, image filling. Ballet dancer. Ballet dancers, in each hand a shield holding stretched out, move dancing. Fashion show: Young male model with a light-coloured suit and breitkrempigem hat. He opens jacket. Wide belt and sports shirt without a tie, dark. Clothing for father and son. Man with light-coloured single-row suit, pants and beret's pockets next to son with short Plaid jacket, brighter. Young man with two dark suit, dark hat. Man with light far falling coat over dark suit. Five men, sitting, half-close, as a spectator. Inside Exhibition Hall. Suits on stands. Shirts, neckties in the delivery. Exhibitors in sales pitch sitting at table. Driving recording exhibit stands past. Pants with price tags hang on brackets. Ballet girl in men's suits, short scene. Leisure fashion show: Bright trousers, light sweater, light jacket and white hat. Dressman with rackets in hand, takes off the jacket. Partner clothing: Young man and young girl with patterned shirt or blouse made of the same fabric. Dressman with bright sports shirt greets with margined hat, big. Seller keeps the suit on ironing. Various jackets on stands in exhibition. Symbol of the exhibition: graphic: cylinder face indication to and shape of man.

04. two horses Gallop side by side at the Polo game Polo in Hamburg. Mold galloped into the picture. Polo player hits the ball over. Horse is tethered. Groom works at HUF. Tail hair are wrapped around, big horse. Bandages are wrapped around ankle, big. Polo player puts on gloves. Polo player demonstrates beats the horse. Left and right, forward and backward. Back in Gallop and Gallop brake. Spectators, half-close. Galloping rider in the game. During the break, the potholes with wooden stick be thrown to. Spectators on the lawn in the break. ZL studies during the game of Polo. Reins in one hand, baton in the other hand, great. Shot after the ball in full gallop. Two horses ride against each other. Tab in the battle for the ball. Close together mounted players.

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Lauritzen, Lauritz ; McLaughlin, John


Munich ; Cologne ; Hamburg


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Buildings in Germany ; Musical events ; Olympics 1972 ; Polo ; Postal, postal services ; sports audience, sports spectator ; Fashion ; transport


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Weekly Newsreel

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UFA-Dabei 839/1972

UFA-Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Jazz camera now - Festival in Munich: Pahl internally. Men's fashion week in Cologne camera: Rieck Federal mail facilities in Munich camera: Rau Polo in Hamburg camera: Jackson, fire at the beginning and end of total length

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