UFA-Dabei 836/1972 01.08.1972


01. German soccer Olympic selection - Finland 1:2 run players on course during training. Coach Jupp Derwall, great. Foot shooting ball, big. Goalkeeper keeps, Mr. Boerner interviewed Derwall, o-ton: "we consider ourselves as an outsider. What we want is to become group winners in our group, where Malaysia, Morocco and the United States plays, because we want the Russians out of the way, who will most likely want to group in the Group 2." Tracksuit training game. Players giving interviews, interview: "all Eastern bloc countries, all preceded Hungary and Russia."-"I would also say: Russia, Hungary, GDR, perhaps Poland still." - "I believe that any place between 5 and 6 would be a huge success for us." Match against Finland. Player misses on the target. Finland player shoots 1-0 into the empty goal. Viewers, children and police hat. Playback before Finnish goal. Ball goes out. Player falls on reporter who sits on the sidelines. Hustle before the Finnish goal. Penalty. Jürgen Kalb Award for Eintracht Frankfurt shoots compensation. 2. goal for Finland. Finnish players embrace.

02. Bremen University drive recording University of Bremen with various buildings. Newspaper headlines: Spartakus University of Bremen – APO University - University of the Red retort. "Is the University of Bremen as red?" Founding Director Dr. der Vring speaks o-ton: "you can say, we are on one side of the progress, we are geared for the reform on one side. The program that we have developed is also discussed by other universities, recorded, and I believe we will get through with these notions." Entrance hall of the University. Student, immediately before the University lecturer before the Board, an employee in the Office give interview about the University, o-ton: "In the University of Bremen the projects identify the contradictions of social reality, partially to learn and interpret. possibility to my opinion tends to" - "old universities have old University teacher, learned old things which are themselves hardly able to learn and new content compared to blocking behavior. In this respect allows the University of Bremen to make scientific access to topics that otherwise fall under the table in the discussion."-"I believe the practical benefits of the Bremen model for the service sector, it is so that the workflow is much more on collaboration and reporting relationships can be mined. Then added, that in the Committee's work it is the selected service providers possible, to work there himself creatively with the bureaucratic issues the University."-"the conception of this University is that we want to plan the curriculum of the University makes sense for the first time. The planning measure want to fulfil the requirements of the profession and from the beginning of the practice in the University to bring in." Session of the Chamber of labour. Discussion by members of the University with works councils from Bremen holdings. Cooperation between professors and students at the common points of the curriculum. Sign above the door calm and peace be granted to this House.

03. specialized boarding school for dog training cigarette box containing stars and dogs - dog boarding school of Antonienwald. Box will open. Owner of dog boarding contagious cigarette and speaks o-ton: "from the outset, hm, I went new ways... "Men with dogs on leashes are around him. Barking dogs in the kennel, great poodle is washed, gets cleaned teeth and is brushed. A spray. Kitchen. Dog food is ground through meat grinder and poured into a bucket. Boxer is trained to touch any other food. Sitting next to the table. Dog trainer looks in monitor, if dog food goes. Fierce noises. Dogs in restaurant refuse sausage that is offered. Walk through woods. Dogs are made safe by noise. Walk through traffic. Certificate and photo for hotel pass. Boxer welcomes wedelnd masters and mistresses. Young people and women give interview, why she gave the dog. Boxers at the wheel from moving cars.

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Boerner, Hans Jürgen ; Mouhuys van ; Vring von der ; Derwall, Jupp ; Kalb, Jürgen


Bremen ; Italy ; Antonienwald ; Munich


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Higher education ; Dogs ; Interviews ; Football ; News, communications ; Smoking ; Sports details, fouls ; Dogs ; transport


Newsreel (G)


Weekly Newsreel

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UFA-Dabei 836/1972

UFA-Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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German football Olympic team against Finland interview: coach camera: Rieck, Zaki, Ahsendorf Bremen University camera: Ahsendorf technical school for dog training camera: Ahsendorf at the beginning and end of total length

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