UFA-Dabei 821/1972 18.04.1972


1 Berlin: music story Schobert & Schobert black & Black original sound with guitars with the song "A tourist on KRK", half-close. Both close to half speak o-ton: "thats Schobert, my longest, but not my Best friend." - "this is black, I have not chosen him me." - "I have the Schobert successfully by the law school held."-"And I have gotten black out a fur warehouse." Schobert draws drawings to the lyrics closely Schobert sitting in Chair speaks interview about the nature of the songs. Both lie on the ground and sing o-ton: "With his axe, a villain from Alicante slew his uncle.". Outside: both are facing a urinal and sing the "national anthem of the German toilet woman" quote. Both go into the urinal. Intermediate cuts large eye in the toilet bowl. Poster: Toilet bowl, from the hands cover the glasses.

02. Italy: car destruction driving record and swing of high-rises on junkyard and multiple settings different car cemeteries, total. Gripper crane descends total, collected car wreck and raises it in press. Scrap falls from Crusher on assembly line. Scrap heap. Several grades of cars in the press.

03. ASEA - transformers factory, manufacturing of transformers, various settings. Transformers on the test field. Transport to the place of use. Air cushions are inflated for transport including, rope winch pulls the transformer on special loader of the Bundesbahn. Transformer on the railway.

04. Augsburg: art turn international match of Germany - Bulgaria - Switzerland German young women. Several gymnasts on the floor exercise, individually. On balance beam. Interviews with up-and-coming gymnasts and the national coach Erich Biendl, close, o-ton: "how often the young trained to catch up to the leaders of Turner?" - "Daily 3-4 hours." Responses of single girls, close, actuality: "also The same, 3 to 4 hours." - "I also 3 to 4 hours in the Frankfurt Center." Actuality of Biendl: "still have is connection failed, maybe we get him to 76, but I can imagine that we can already take a good place at the Olympic Games in Munich, and that would be a 6th place for me." So we could get the connection at the top of the world." Andrea low Heath, 12 years old, on the beam, with rollover of "Horse", ZL, on uneven bars, ZL. Close-ups of hands and feet on the handle. UTA Schorn, 14 years old, on the uneven bars in ZL, with Salto exit by the top handle. Further interview with gymnast, original sound, which expresses the view, the German gymnasts would connect the Russians hardly up to the Olympic Games create: "I think still Very much greater, the distance and I hope that we now approach can exercise us to the Russians through hard training, but create we will be there probably until Munich Not yet."

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Biendl, Erich ; Schobert ; Black, Cilla ; Niederheide, Andrea ; Schorn, Uta


Jülich ; Augsburg ; Italy ; Switzerland ; Berlin


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Electricity ; Interviews ; Musical events ; Technology ; Gymnastics ; automotive engineering, automotive ; Technology ; transport


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Weekly Newsreel

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UFA-Dabei 821/1972

UFA-Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Music story Schobert & Black camera: Pahl car destruction in Italy origin: Corona ASEA - transformers camera: Luppa gymnastics three international competition, Bulgarian Switzerland, Germany in Augsburg camera: Rau, fire at the beginning and end of total length

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