UFA-Dabei 816/1972 14.03.1972


1 Frankfurt: Opening of the new airport of Gustav Heinemann accompanied at the Frankfurt airport, the men climb up stairs. Long shot of the Hall with a seated audience. Heinemann, half total during inauguration speech, o-ton: "I wish always good starts and good landings Frankfurt airport. With this request I set the the new receiver by a push of a button in operating now." Audience with Federal Minister Georg Leber. Several settings of the occupied Hall. Applause. Airport building Frankfurt Main, total, with about flying aircraft. Various settings of the new airport site, some with flagging. Aircraft on the ground, half total. Parked aircraft, total. Gangway is pushed to hull. Launching TWA machines, total.

02. Germany: to the 70th birthday of Heinz Rühmann caricature of Heinz Rühmann, screen-filling. Various roll photos from Rae's old films. Gateway to the Bavaria studios in Munich. Rachel on the grounds with a Mr. Rühmann, close, speaks interview interview: "Yes, the reaction of the audience was as big as I really wasn't expecting it to this extent. I got everything from cufflinks to the piggy bank. I probably didn't thank all these people who think it Very good and sweet, and I used this opportunity to warmly thank me for everything." Scene from the movie "Paradise of bachelors" with the song "That can not shake but a seaman". Next Rae, close, o-ton: "I think that I was trying to get the most human and the most adorable ever out of my figures." Scenes from the new movie 'The captain'. Review of Bambi award on Rachel. Rühmann, o-ton: - "You have played many roles, means the most to them Which one has that?" - "Yes, actually not the"Captain of Köpenick"as most think, but actually - I have to say"The good Soldier Švejk"and I'm Very much on the judge of the juvenile court." Scenes from "The good soldier Schweik". Next interview with close-up, o-ton: "Mr Rühmann, it is said again and again, you would have said, you're not a comedian but a humorist. What you see the difference there?"-"Yes, it I actually see a big difference. The comedian moves in weird situations that are More or less wanted and it draws its effect, while the humor, I think, just as the name says, has humor; and humor is emotional, and humor is the heart and which, I think, is a big difference."

03. car Salon totals of the exhibition hall. Driving shots on various cars temporarily. Various settings in the text mentioned car, how: Renault 17 TL. Look in electronic system. Volvo, various settings. Look at the engine. Break GS Citroen. Citroën SM.

04. East Germany: Bauer Chapel Music Director Ferrand from Weimar is close. Statements for orchestra rehearsal in the LPG Berlstedt. Rehearsal scenes, intermediate cuts, the individual members of the Orchestra at work on their farms, etc. Strings in the milking in the cowshed. Piglets are fed by the flutist. 2 playing pig. Bass player in the game and when working in a blacksmith's shop. Sow with piglets. Geiger peeps about grid, cock head, close the game and joinery, pig, close. Cattle head, close. Big goose flock. The Bauer Orchestra, large, during the game and totally with Director Ferrand.

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Ferrand ; Heinemann, Gustav ; Leber, Georg ; Rühmann, Heinz


Geneva ; Frankfurt ; Munich ; East Germany


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Buildings in Germany ; Interviews ; filmmaking ; Forestry ; Musical events ; automotive engineering, automotive ; Agriculture ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; Exhibitions ; Anniversaries, Jubilees, birthdays ; Agriculture ; transport


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UFA-Dabei 816/1972

UFA-Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Frankfurt airport camera: Rühe Heinz Rühmann 70 camera: Rau origin: Archive Geneva Auto Salon camera: Jackson Bauer Chapel origin: DEFA at the beginning and end of total length

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