UFA-Dabei 813/1972 22.02.1972


1 Hamburg: Looking back on the flood disaster of 1962 and new levees port screen, wall made of reinforced concrete, etc. at the wharf. Pan offer of barges on the wall to the. The same setting when the tsunami flooded road. Various archival recordings by the flood disaster. Pictures of new Dyke and barrier systems. Ship sails into sheath, total. Pan on Baltic Sea Barrage, totally. Indoors. Ship sails through barrage, totally.

2 Wolfsburg: Assembly Hall at the VW plant, cars roll off the Assembly line, various settings record-VW, the 15.007.034. car. Pan across the Hall. Several cameramen. Swivel on the flower-filled Volkswagen beetle. Brass band. Speaker CEO Heiding, o-ton: "We are certainly very confident that one day passes also the 20 millionth beetle of the band.". The decorated car rolls. Intermediate cuts viewers and Werksangehörige. LEIDING in profile, close, in the crowd. Model of the Ford - "Tin Lizzie", is turning totally and detail settings. Swivel on the decorated VW Beetle.

03. Hamburg: Mikes Theodorakis at the Hamburg art factory long shot of the art factory, outside. Indoor hall. Theodorakis at the microphone, totally. Ranking ride. Several settings Theodorakis statements before the concert with lively gestures, close and big. When conducting half total and big. Theodorakis conducts Greek folk-band-O tone. Camera moves Theodorakis and his band. Theodorakis close. Actuality in French, covered by the German translation: "I don't believe in the art for a small group or to an art that is itself enough. I rather believe in an art for the masses; and therefore is me because, to establish contact and consistent with many with my music. " Theodorakis sings original sound accompaniment. Individual members of the band and singing, big and close. Views from the top on the musicians.

04. France: Lipizzaner Traforanfahrt on French riding Academy, total. In the Hall lipizzaner horses in training, total and detail shots. Slow motion shots of a Lipizzaner total at Levade combined total with a caper. still dark lipizzaner horses in the pasture, half total. Foal rises out of the grass and skips them. Head of a teenage, yet dark Brindle horse with fluttering mane. Galloping horses, legs, close. Jumping and running Lipizzaner groups on the pasture, ZL, various settings.

05. Inzell: ice Speedway-World Championship semi-final 1972 spikes are screwed on motorcycles, close. Man checks the spikes. Start the motor cycles and tracking on the artificial ice rink of links. Various settings of the race. Falls two riders who can get up again. Duel trip of the Russian Dubinin with the Sweden Kurt Westlund. Dubinin crosses the goal before Westlund. Dubinin waving big, him wreath is hung around. Intermediate cuts public.

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Leiding ; Theodorakis, Mikes ; Dubinin ; Westlund, Kurt


Houston ; North Germany ; Hamburg ; Wolfsburg ; Inzell


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Buildings in Germany ; motor sports ; Musical events ; Reviews ; Animals (except dogs) ; parts of the body: eyes, noses, mouths, ears, beard, hands, legs ; automotive engineering, automotive ; transport


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UFA-Dabei 813/1972

UFA-Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Review of Hamburg floods of 1962 and new levees camera: Rahim origin: Archive Wolfsburg: record-VW camera: Jürgens, fire origin: archive of Mikes Theodorakis camera: L., Ahsendorf Lipizzan breeding, France origin: Gaumont ice Speedway Inzell origin: Fox at the beginning and end of total length

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