UFA-Dabei 812/1972 15.02.1972


1 Munich: Return Erhard Keller, gold medalist in speed skating in Sapporo and Olympic report Erhard Keller bends down to a cheering crowd at the airport. It is worn on shoulders through the crowd, half total, shaking hands. His run in Sapporo, him is the gold medal won by Brundage hung around, totally. Move over terrain to Sapporo. Downhill: Start and run the winner Bernhard Russi / Switzerland. Women's downhill: Marie-theres Nadig, great. Your running total. Slalom: Marie-theres Nadig total. Crowd in the snow. Figure skating women: obligatory scenes of champion Beatrix Schuba / Austria. Developed: 3 Japanese win all the medals. The three winners landings, total. Traforückfahrt of closely packed standing crowd on giant Hill. Ski jumping: Winner Fortuna / Poland, half total, jump and sit up, total. 2 athletes raise your hands, totally the winner. Intermediate cuts Japanese audience.

02. Paris: Willy Brandt when Pompidou to German French consultations aircraft moving from, which came to soldiers. Brandt goes down the gangway, total. Front abschreiten, Brandt bow to flag. Sitting in the Elysee Palace: Brandt and Pompidou half total before the fireplace. Close to Pompidou in the profile. Several settings of the meeting of the two delegations, among other Walter Scheel in addition to Brandt. Palais Beauharnais: Pompidou arrives, greeting by Brandt and others. Brandt in an interview near Pompidou half total. Brandt and Pompidou on table sitting, frontal. behind them under other Scheel and Schiller, half total. Brandt and Pompidou, half total.

03. Munich and Cologne: Carnival swivel pub on car with label "Ash Wednesday breakdown". "Drunks" are stowed in the trunk. Exposed arms. Passers-by and children with Carnival hats and costumes. Close-ups of individual. Various settings of the "Schull - and Veedelszög" in Cologne with brass band. Dressed up kids big and close. Munich: Collection before the Town Hall. Dancing girl troop, show outdoors. Band in blue and white. Rhombus suits. Interview "Knight Bogumil etc...." Happy dancing on the Viktualienmarkt. Toddler makes confetti out of bag on the head of him carrying, close.

04. Hamburg-Wandsbek: bomb defusing attempt and blasting Peter cars with loudspeakers on the roof. Actuality of the policeman. Peter car totally drive. Several settings of houses of the endangered area. People looking out of Windows. Bales of straw to protect of the houses. Officers direct traffic. Police squads. Accident car driving. Police officers inspect the evacuated homes. Archive footage: burning falling bombs, aircraft, Hamburg. Blind in business will be lowered. People go to the collection site. Interviews with them, close-ups of respondent, o-ton: "what do with you?" - "Papers and so on." - "lingerie and nightwear and ´ n few boots."-"only papers and money, savings - more nothing." - "that is dangerous or you don't believe?" - "no, I do not know, you may not know it, has been too long. It can be even a mishap. 99 times BB´s OK and maybe the 100th time not what." People get bird cage with is wehrendem dog in cars. Transport of sick and infirm in ambulances and cars, respectively. Demolition expert Frodermann, great. Interview with the demolition expert on the danger of the bomb, o-ton: "Tomorrow, my gentlemen." - "What is the danger of the bomb?" - "good morning, Mr Frodermann." - "you are"The danger that lies there, she gets mad when working on their."- in a life insurance policy?" - "By my employer, the State not." - "started just defusing." Frodermann looks over bales of straw on the hole where the bomb is located. Empty road train, driving shot, empty s-Bahn station, Swivel, empty subway platform. Stairs "Locked" sign. Lounge for the evacuees, various settings of the people. Börner in the talk with demolition expert Frodermann, o-ton: "Yes, it must be blown up. We did everything we could. We have exhausted all possibilities of a de-escalation. The igniter is just so stuck, cannot be solved from the, because he has an expansion lock."-"this is a model, what there is Very much rare?"-"This is a rarely occurring detonators, but all the more insidious." Policeman crossing empty Street at a run. Long shot of the blast site. Detonation, total, clouds of smoke. Quote Frodermann: "everything worked out. We have noticed until now still no damage." Men aside clean straw and pebbles. Straw hanging in a tree.

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Boerner, Hans Jürgen ; Brandt, Willy ; Frodermann ; Pompidou, George ; Scheel, Walter ; Schiller, Karl ; Fortuna ; Keller, Erhard ; Schuba, Beatrix


Hamburg ; Hamburg-Wandsbek ; Munich ; Cologne ; Paris ; Sapporo


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Container ; Interviews ; Carnival ; Carnival ; Olympics 1972 ; Blasting ; 99.412 Deutsche week show GmbH: State visits (outside) ; headgear ; transport


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Weekly Newsreel

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UFA-Dabei 812/1972

UFA-Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Sapporo final report + return Erhard Keller n. Munich camera: Rau origin: INA-pool, Sapporo Willy Brandt in Paris camera: Luppa origin: Gaumont Carnival, Munich and Cologne camera: Rau, Jürgens, Luppa origin: Archive bomb disposal in Hbg.-Wandsbek camera: Jackson, fire, Ahsendorf at the beginning and end of total length

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