UFA-Dabei 810/1972 01.02.1972


01 England: Possum device for paralyzed breakdown from El Mundo 489 - same section. Completely paralyzed man lying on the bed, his mouth a tube, by means of which he can operate apparatus by blowing and sucking like a typewriter, a light switch, radio, telephone and TV. Mouth sucking and pustend, close.

02. Berlin: "green week Berlin ´ 72" swing over radio tower on Hall with inscription "International Green Week Berlin 1972". Receipt total. Much before that. Total of a Hall with Spanish booths. Stands of Italian and Algerian. Mayor Klaus Schütz and Minister Josef Ertl accompanied tour. Contactor kisses Dutch girl with bonnet on their status. Swivel on Ertl with cheese in the hands. State of the People's Republic of China, swing by tin cans on a large photo with rice planters. Man smell tea bushes. Hands uncork a bottle of wine, close. Wine-drinking man, corn on the cob meal end wife, close. Serving Guinness on tap with contactor in the middle. Man fills drinks in glasses out of a barrel with trowel and artistic impetus. Viewers. Flower Hall. Father considered cow with a child on his shoulders. Sow with piglets. Children with parents in horses.

03. Holland: 6-day race on various settings on Hometrainern, totally Hometrainern. Kick-off. The protesting participants, total. Driver is massaged, close. Meter displays appearance services of driver, close. Winner: the Belgian Tompdon, half-close. Tompdon leaves the House with the trophy in hand and rises to his bicycle, situated in front of the House, totally.

04. Munich: Fasching Festival "King Ludwig Ball" in the "Haus der Kunst" various settings of the cheerful bustle. Gold-framed picture Ludwigs II. pan on Chapel. Monument to Louis II in the snow, several settings. "Haus der Kunst", total with poster "Artist Festival". As Ludwig II. costumed on the fixed total. Girls dancing the can-can. Various settings from celebrants and dancing in different costumes. Towel with Bayernromben and inscription "1 qm Bavaria", great. T-Shirt with image Louis and writing "I'm a Bayer".

05. Hamburg: Men's fashion by Jacques Esterel in the Pöseldorfer market of Jacques Esterel, totally original sound including in French language: Esterel is looking in a shop window. Esterel with 4 Dressmen on the Alster, total and various settings of Dressmen on the icy banks of the Elbe and detail shots of the clothing. Esterel, tall and half total. Among others looking through concrete pipes on the Elbe to Dressmen and random rides on details. Esterel with helmet. Several settings in the exchange of concrete buildings and pieces of clothing.

06 Böblingen: 23 indoor handball, German championship game Faust Göppingen - VFL Gummersbach 14:12 different game scenes, partly in ZL. Among others national goalkeeper crashes, hangover ball enters the goal. Faust is Göppingen, Germany for the ninth time of German champion. Audience flows on the playing field. Hustle and close-ups of individual players.

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Ertl, Josef ; Esterel, Jaques ; Schütz, Klaus ; Kater, Klaus ; Tompson


Berlin ; Switzerland ; Hamburg ; Munich ; Böblingen ; Holland


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Handball ; Forestry ; cycling ; Technology ; Medicine ; Social events ; Agriculture ; Fashion ; Exhibitions ; Agriculture ; Technology ; transport


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Weekly Newsreel

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UFA-Dabei 810/1972

UFA-Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Possum device for paralyzed origin: Cine journal "Green Week" in Berlin camera: fire Holland: 6-days race, cycling on exercise origin: Polygoon Carnival party Munich (King Ludwig-ball) camera: Rau menswear Jaques Esterel, Hamburg camera: Jürgens indoor handball German championship in Böblingen camera: Rau, Rieck, Ahsendorf at the beginning and end of total length

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