UFA-Dabei 801/1971 30.11.1971


1 Hamburg: Dello-pub 'Queen's pub' out, totally on the Gänsemarkt. Trafofahrt on the plate. "Random ride on" steak pub La Pampa ", six pence pub outside. Interior shots of the car business of dello, swivel on restoration. Various settings and panning. Cars and guest room. Well-attended restaurant. Counter and South American band, original sound. Various settings of the guests.

02. Hamburg: Beat in the UFA-Palast propelled tramway, total. UFA-Palast am Gänsemarkt, outside. Young people go into it. Poster "M.A.C.H. Sunday cinema music show 71" o Peter Esser, close (show arranger).
"Interview: should this show in Germany also continues to be a solid institution with this cinema-Sunday-music show, with which we are here start in the UFA-Palast in Hamburg, and Liza take place in cinemas, with international groups."
Film projection room, swivelling on demo, trick film screening. Look at the audience. Original sound of the band "Soulful Dynamics", consisting of coloured, various settings.

03. Bremen report: Ambulance ranks at highway, Zimmermann (German newsreel) reports accident on Rufsäule. On the side of lying smashed cars, total, with Schwerverletztem in it. Police radio Center inside, officials on the phone, operated button labeled "Emergency". Hospital Interior, nurse at desk. Doctors on phones. OP elevator door. Doctor and nurse at the output. Ambulance drives before and during the ride, blue light, close. Police cars on the highway to Bremerhaven. Police officers run to the crashed car. Arrival of fire brigade and ambulance "Clinomobil". Injured, which is pinched, supplies, blood pressure measured with breathing device will drip attached etc. Firefighter cuts the body of the car. Injured is put on stretcher, which is pushed into the ambulance. Further care of the injured during the ride to the hospital. An anesthesiologist on the phone by the ambulance with the clinic. Attendant in clinic. Interview: "the patient has severe traumatic brain injury and blunt abdominal injury, end!".
Drip, close. Ambulance on the road, when viewed from above, in driving that other car make room. Doctors and nurses wheeled stretcher run in the hospital hallway. Doctors and nurses endeavour to the injured. OP lights, close.

04. Olympic oath and portrait Heidi Grundmann-Schmid (who should speak the Olympic Oath in 1972) review of Olympic oaths (archive). Fencing scenes with Heidi Grundmann-Schmid, ZL. She takes off the fencing mask, nah. On the road on the way to school, where she works as a music teacher and as a teacher before class. With your toddler at home. With her husband looking at a book. Interview. Actuality: "why has the national proposed Olympic Committee you for the award?" - "maybe plays a role that I have participated in 3 Olympic Games and now again on the next game would like to prepare myself and perhaps the Olympic victory in Rome."-"the Olympic Oath is advised in the twilight - the amateur status of many Olympic fighter is also for Heidi Schmid disputed."-"in many cases yes", in some cases probably, because you know the requirements in the sport have increased Very much and also know that the athletes now for services, gets support. I think we fencers are really still pure amateurs." Intermediate cuts: Photos of award ceremonies, Olympic medal and trophy.

05. Hamburg: women's football and interviews with the players game scenes from the women's soccer World Championship game in Italy. Hamburg-based footballers, the "wasps" in the locker room, several settings and close-ups. Boots are tied. Interviews with the players Hannelore Ratzeburg, Rita Zairi (with their children at home), Ursula Zohm (in the football dress at the tap in their pub and with guests). Various settings of the "wasps" in training, including original sound of the coach, as well the sound bites of the women interviewed. Audience "Uwe Uwe, Uwe... "Sound bites:"Why you play soccer?"-"by my friend, who plays in the same club football because it was said that a women's team should be made up since I play football and afterwards it has been fun."-" well, by my son, who plays long football and then brought it with a club newspaper and with and so I read that the club wanted to set up a women's football team. "" "Yes, and so I stand for"WaSP"in the door."-"a player has me persuaded to play football. I like to play and the Very much great fun making me"-"How are you your wife football hobby?"-"Yes, it was initially I somewhat funny, but today - like football games like the ladies.". -(Coach) "it was a community first and foremost, and I everything wears skirts so to speak, to be used at home for the ladies in our sports club to create and so tried so first." The football players were first Of course slightly caught off guard when the ladies began to play football and first there was always much laughter even at the beginning of the game. That lay down but after 10 minutes and the last time we noticed that nobody more laughs, that is of course if the ladies on the square run and play soccer. I am firmly convinced that we will be in two or three years so far, we have also a women's League."

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Esser, Peter ; Tietge, Jürgen ; Grundmann-Schmidt, Heidi ; Ratzeburg, Hannelore ; Ziggel, Rita ; Zohm, Ursula


Hamburg ; Berlin ; Bremen


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Interviews ; Football ; Musical events ; Olympics 1972 ; Police ; Portraits ; automotive engineering, automotive ; Medicine ; Gastronomy ; transport


Newsreel (G)


Weekly Newsreel

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UFA-Dabei 801/1971

UFA-Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Dello-pub in Hamburg camera: Rühe, Tietge beat in the UFA-theater, Hamburg camera: Rühe, Tietge Bremen report: ambulance camera: Seib Olympic Oath, Heidi Grundmann-Schmid camera: Rau origin: Archive women's football Hamburg camera: Brandes, Ahsendorf origin: Corona at the beginning and end of total length

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