UFA-Dabei 790/1971 14.09.1971


1st Olympic port Kiel-Schilksee pan across international flags. Driving shots on half-finished buildings temporarily. Pan across high street on cars. Road sign: Flensburg, Rendsburg, Olympia Centre. Entrance to the city coming to Kiel, Hamburg, total (East-West connection, city ring road). New circle road equipment (on the Rondeel). New high bridge, swing on North America.
Olympic port: Sailor most thin booms. Apartment apartments, Traforückfahrt on sailors in the foreground. Olympic village: multiple settings and interior shots. Several settings of the buildings. Several sailors, FD field etc. Seen shots of the Olympic site from above. Fluttering Olympic flag large. Bungalows for team leader and supervisor, sailors and unauthorised suspended athletes. Swimming and boat sheds, workshops, mast storage etc. in the building. Sailing images from the pre Olympic test.

02. crash on the motorway Stuttgart-Munich cross take the deceased sports car. Cars are waved past. The broken car, close. Pan on an injured person on a grass verge. Close injured, with head bandage, bloody shirt. His legs high stored on box. Car is pushed from the road, in the foreground, guardrail destroyed Pan on skid mark.

2A. spin School of Verkehrswacht Hamburg various settings by moving and hurling cars on the Hamburg art Panel. Teaching in at theoretical lessons. Interview: "the last chance to avoid a head-on crash, smooth road is to turn the vehicle in rotation, so 180 degrees. At the 180-degree rotation you destroy about 80% of the kinetic energy, so that your car rolls backward after the rotation with low speed bump. Usually the front block to a screeching halt in the emergency situation. Blocked Vorderrräder make your vehicle completely incapable of steering. You regain steering ability only after releasing the brake."
Demonstration on the table with the help of a car model. Settings on the centrifugal railway. Unterrichtender with megaphone actuality. Interview with the teacher. Actuality: "will this course mandatory for each licence holder?" - "we don't know, but we hope it. We have communicated our experiences to the Transport Committee of the Bundestag, and are of the opinion that we should introduce this security and risk training mandatory. Prerequisite is Of course that there are appropriate places in the country." -Slip and spin test shots.

03. Poland report II: Janowiec castle on the Vistula River, panoramic view from the ruins of the castle on the Vistula River. Several settings of the castle ruins. Boat on the river. Vistula landscape. Swivel living room a Waterman, Jackroll, him and his wife, on a sofa sitting on. Ticking clock, great. House of the Waterman. He leaves with oar House and front yard. Boot with Jackroll when translating, totally. Traforanfahrt on ruins of the Castle. Hand can slide branch of the boat through the water. Bug of the Fährbootes runs on the Bank. Owner of the Castle, Prince Leon Koslowski leads tourists through the ruins. Barking gangsta, great. Woman accepts entrance fees. Koslowski, close and totally, with explanations. Ruins and A few interior shots of the Castle. Kapoor shows a photo of himself in uniform, close, and at a small table standing with an old image and the family coat of arms.

04. Daliah LAVI was copied several close-ups by Daliah LAVI. Daliah LAVI sings actuality "Jerusalem" on Berlin radio show. Several recordings for samples with headscarf. Speaking, close. Interview with Börner (who is not on the picture). Daliah LAVI big and close with loose hair.
"Interview: the movie star of the past has finally opted for a new career as a singer?"-"uh - well I, I want a singer... a career as a singer, but I do I not left acting and so, I want to stay still, actress. "I'm trying to combine the two, if the text is not interesting to Me neither can sing, and I want to slowly make long-playing records with Very much interesting text." - "What do you think German fans to you?" - "You should ask the fans, not me." - "And what do you appreciate about the German audience?" - "that you like me." Original sound in English "Jerusalem", the various settings.

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Boerner, Hans Jürgen ; Koslowski, Leon ; Lavi, Dalia


Kiel-Schilksee ; Poland ; Hamburg ; Bonn ; Germany


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Buildings in Germany ; Interviews ; Flags ; Musical events ; Olympics 1972 ; Postal, postal services ; Schools, training ; Sailing ; Special reports ; Container ; Accidents ; automotive engineering, automotive ; Landscapes ; Buildings in Europe ; transport


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Weekly Newsreel

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UFA-Dabei 790/1971

UFA-Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Olympic port Schilksee camera: fire accident motorway Stuttgart/Munich camera: Rau spinner school camera: L. Poland report II castle on the Vistula camera: Ahsendorf Daliah LAVI camera: L. Pahl, Ahsendorf at the beginning and end of total length

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