UFA-Dabei 787/1971 24.08.1971


1 Berlin: four power talks II swing of stone sculpture on board building, total. Flags of the four Nations on the balcony, frontal. Swivel on input and the Ambassador to leave the building. Photographer umdrängen Sauvagnargues. Four ambassadors to leave the Berlin residence of the US Ambassador after the closing session, total. Photographers and cameramen behind the barrier. The four ambassadors, hooked, face the cameras. MP binding on the arm of a soldier, great. Abrasimov enters the lot in the car, swing on rush and Sauvagnargues in the crowd. Looking back on wall construction August 1961, and long lines of cars before border crossings, Congress Hall, total, choice scenes Heinemann of the Federal President. (All archives).

02. Lüdenscheid: 'IKA ' 71", international Kunststoffhaus-exhibition Viewer looking in the Windows of various plastic houses. Trafofahrt on oval Kunststoffhaus. Various settings of most bizarre houses visited. Children run out of a plastic door. Children play on a plastic cover, which is inflated. Long shot of the model bio Dome, bio-DOM floating on water, seen from above. Various interior shots. Office of the advertising people on the IKA ' 71. posters on the wall "Experimental, building with plastics". Kunststoffhaus under construction. Interview of Prof. Doernach, TH Stuttgart, half total.
Actuality: "after these tests it will be possible, also mehrgeschossig to build with plastic houses. For the time being but these plastic houses for recreational needs are intended. Free time for that in 1980 there will be free 100 million Europeans."
Partly under the original pictures of the houses. Actuality of the exhibition leader Hans-Werner Schmöle, half total.
Interview: "we were looking for an opportunity, to To find a way out of the reality of All the time rising construction prices by rational industrial manufacturing processes. Plastics in building materials offer a good way. For this reason we have compiled the first time in the world this plastic houses of every type and shape in Lüdenscheid, to To find an opportunity of practical experimenting, comparing the scientific evaluation and To give order to create an optimal solution for the future."
Under the original construction of a House, i.e. documents a structure with Schaumstoffmasse. Various settings of the houses completely and in detail. "Futuro" House, totally, interiors. Pan through the window from the inside at night with lighted Windows.

03. Paris: Tourists of different nationalities in Paris errant tourist bus from the inside. Photogaphierende, great. Man with a small pony, long Americans climb the pony. "Scot" in the kilt before showcase. Flowered man can clean up the bare feet. "Swiss" at the mountain upgrade of a road with the help of an axe. Visitors from the East bloc kissing policemen, who gave him information, restaurant, the same man examined the food with his knife on the plate of his neighbor. "Orientale" paints the word Allah in an egg and it spreads under the armpit. "Tibetans" sticks out a police officer thanks to the tongue. Man tries behind various women go here. Represented nationalities always the same man.

04. St. Tropez: Monokini-moden sailing and other boats off St. Tropez coast. Apartment houses on the shore. Girl topless sunning himself. Bathing topless in the water several settings. Women in bikinis, beach long shot.

05. Göttingen, Hamburg: Drive escalator Phywe skeletons and interviews 2 old ladies, a skeleton stands behind them. People look at a skeleton on the road. Boerner of the interview with the head of the biological Department, Dr. Müller. Interview: "How come the skeletons?" - "the human skeletons come out of India." - "and why in India, not in Germany?"-"because - if you To want to say so - there aren't enough on the German market."
Göttingen: Taxidermist unpack package with skeletal parts. The parts are ordered. Cranium of a skull is sawed off, close, holes are drilled in pine, joining together the skeletal parts in Göttingen operation. Boxes full of skeletons are stacked together. Little girl on the street with skeleton. Interviews on the road with Börner, asking passers-by what they think of a skeleton as a room decoration.
Sound bites: "no, I think just MACABRE. "So that would me, me would not fit." - "isn't it a bit pervy,?" - "repugnant." - "this is bad is downright." - "what bothers you that?" - "The whole thing, the whole skeleton, the whole guy." - "because I put something better me." - "What? for example" - "pretty lights." - "och God, under certain circumstances." It depends on. In and of itself - for us to be not, no."-"not for me. For my daughter."-" I think with a bit more meat would give me better like. "-Nope, so I don't like a man now but. Because rather if what is on it."

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Abrassimow, Piotr ; Boerner, Hans Jürgen ; Doernach ; Jackling ; Müller, Friedrich ; Rush, Kenneth ; Sauvagnargues, Jean ; Schmöle, Hans-Werner


Lüdenscheid ; Göttingen ; Paris ; St. Tropez ; Berlin ; Hamburg


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Interviews ; Leisure, recreation ; Townscapes: Europe ; Foreign policy events ; Fashion ; Jobs ; Exhibitions ; transport


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Weekly Newsreel

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UFA-Dabei 787/1971

UFA-Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Four power talks in Berlin camera: Pahl origin: Archive intern. Kunststoffhaus exhibition in Lüdenscheid IKA camera: L. tourists in Paris origin: Gaumont Saint Tropez, Monokini origin: Pathé journal Phywe skeletons, Göttingen camera: Pahl at the beginning and end of total length

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