UFA-Dabei 786/1971 17.08.1971


01 Helsinki: European Championships 10000 m run: run scenes, forward Juha Väätäinen, runs into the goal, total, winner of the gold medal, thrown by fans in the air.
the men's 100 m final: launch, race partly in ZL. Gold Medal for Borzov, silver medal for Gerd Wucherer, both at the race finish, totally.
Women's Sprint Final: start and run (partly ZL). Gold Medal for Renate plug, silver medal for Ingrid Mahi-Becker.
women's 800 m running: launch and run scenes. Gunhild Hoffmeister, Cottbus stumbles and carries Hildegard Falck in to the ground, totally.
Shot put: Hartmut Theo corner, East Germany at the bump, totally, with a new European record.
Long jump: Max Klaus, DDR, totally. Pole vault: Wolfgang Nordwig, total.
50 km walk: start and action scenes in the stadium and on the road. Winner: Soldatenko/USSR, goes first through the target totally and enthusiastically jumps.
5 fight of women's: 200 m race: winner Heide Rosendahl runs into the goal before Jeffrey Pollack/Potsdam. The first three together, total.
LongJump: LongJump Heide rosendahl, who is third. Jump by Ingrid Mahi Becker (6.76 m), who thus wins the gold medal. They enthusiastically jumps around in the stadium, will be embraced.
women's 4 x 100 m run: last change: Ingrid Mahi-Becker in the finish, wins gold medal for Germany. The medals are hung around the women.
the men's 4 x 100 m run: last change. Jellinghaus crashes when the transfer of staff to Köhler. Köhler goes through the target. Awarding the medals on the men's.

02. Australia: car transport helicopters helicopter rotors in operation, close. On floating helicopter, car is in harness, total. Helicopter car hanging from. 4 and 5 helicopters with it hanging car's total flying over water. Helicopters dropping off cars on land. Driving the car on the highway.

03. Paris: Demolition of market halls swivel by row of houses on the old market Hall. Various scenes from the old market operation. Rats, close, between waste. Empty Hall, total. Halls as art exhibition, a children's playground and with parked cars. Models of the new facilities on this place. Young people leave the halls. Demonstration against the demolition and police officers in the melee, and stone-throwing youths (in the evening). Demolition and welding work. Traforanfahrt demolition workers on the roof. Viewers, close. Part of the roof falls in the depth.

04. Hamburg: Jochen Brauer Sextet in the city Nord saxophone hovers in the air, hands it absorb, and guitar. The Sextet plays "Jerusalem", cut into the rhythm. Various short neutral settings of the city Nord.

05. France: Tribehou in Normandy: for solo and sidecar Motocross jumps of solo machines and side-car in ZL over hills. Various settings of the races in the area. Side car falls down slope, drivers behind. Winner in the sidecar class: John Turner, England, travels through the target, totally.

06. Camargue: bullfighting bulls are Cavalrymen of pasture driven by in a box. Door is closed. Bullshit in the arena, tested by men on their aggressiveness. Branding irons on the fire, close. Many hands hold Bull head on the ground. Brand iron is exposed, near.
Bullfighting at the stadium in Nimes: Matador excites the bull with the Muleta. Picador stabs a bull with Lance. Torero stands out with sword in the neck. Several matadors with Muleta irritate the Bull. Degen is stabbed in the neck again. Bull collapses. Yet repeatedly stab with sword on the neck of the still twitching Bull. Horse touches the dead Bull out of the arena. Intermediate cuts close to spectators.

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Borzow ; Brieseneck, Hartmut ; Brauer, Jochen ; Falck, Hildegard ; Hoffmeister, Gunhild ; Jellinghaus ; Klaus, Max ; Köhler, H. E. ; Mickler-Becker, Ingrid ; Nordwig, Wolfgang ; Pollack, Burglind ; Rosendahl, Heide ; Soldatenko ; Stecher, Renate ; Turner, John ; Väätäinen, Juha ; Wucherer, Gerhard


Paris ; Australia ; Hamburg ; France ; Poland ; Helsinki


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Demonstrations ; motor sports ; Musical events ; Townscapes: Germany ; Townscapes: Europe ; bullfighting ; Animals (except dogs) ; automotive engineering, automotive ; Athletics, jogging, fun run ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; Removal ; transport


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Weekly Newsreel

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UFA-Dabei 786/1971

UFA-Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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European Athletics Championships in Helsinki origin: DEFA transportation m. helicopter in Australia origin: Fox demolition of Paris halls origin: Pathé journal Jochen Brauer Sextet in Hamburg origin: Germany mirror Motocross in France origin: Fox bullfighting in the Osmargue origin: Pathé journal at the beginning and end of total length

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