UFA-Dabei 785/1971 10.08.1971


1 Munich: Bank robbery and interviews interview on Hamburg road to the bank robbery in Munich with young girls. Interview: "I find that impossible." - "Why?" - "it is not a murder, but who stole money. Okay, thats not a fine thing, to take the lives of others in danger, but I think not so good." Newspaper clippings, photos of the 2 bank robbers and bank robbers Rammelmayr as he leaves the Bank with a hostage. Evening: Crowds and police officers at the Bank. Bank entrance, a sick hostage is deduced. Cashier leaves the Bank with money bag, to be followed by a hostage, to put the money into the getaway car. Bank robber Rammelmayr hooded head goes to the car, enters. Sniper on the window of a House. Hootin' people in the spotlight. Hurt Rammelmayr is taken away. The shattered brick car, several settings. Rammelmayr in medical treatment on the pavement, big. Swing on his body with margin. Police officers enter through side entrance into the Bank. The accomplice Rammelmayr, Dimitri Todorov is run out of the Bank. Todorov behind bars with naked upper body, bloody great. An injured hostage is placed on carrying out of the Bank. The injured girl with head bandage, lying, big. Cars and crowds. Press Conference with State Attorney Erich sixes and Police Director Dr. Schreiber. Six-party, big o-ton: "the death of a hostage - refuted he not shot command in Munich?" - "No. The sequence of events until the arrest of the second offender had confirmed the dangerousness of the gangster. Both opened fire - as advertised - Right away, when they saw the implementation of their plan through the intervention of the police - and just as it would have been even at the intervention of individuals - at risk. We know what happened a non-intervention could claim more victims can."
The Sueddeutsche newspaper headline "Crime tragedy in Munich, police justified sight". Photo Rammelmayr's MP on the car. Interviews on the road with Börner.
Sound bites: "affirm the Munich sight?" - "I think so, the police should stay out of this. Above all she should no human lives in danger bring."-"are so innocent people get into it. Which have since run their profession, have worked normally and are then get into this thing, and this one has Yes endangers your life, because you could do it."-"the police must shoot at bank robbers, she must often make use of the weapon, because let us here take no Chicago relationships with us in Germany."-"as long as material values is like money in the case", would I reject it basically to shoot, to make use of the weapon." - "no, I find that not true." - "Why not?" - "That is killing."

02. Brunsbüttel: nuclear reactor construction total of the investment. Blueprint. Safety steel ball, total, in addition to the reactor building. Several settings of the building site. Total, steel ball is pulled over a railway line. Steel hawser on drum. Slow moving lines. Pan of ball on the space provided. Ball in the building, Traforückfahrt.

03. 10 years wall and four power talks in Berlin man goes along to wall. Spanish rider, screens, wall. Review on August 13, 1961: man with a special edition of the "morning post" in his hand, headline: "Berlin is cordoned off," etc. East German soldiers at the rolls of barbed wire, wearing concrete pillar, young man behind barbed wire, mounting of barbed wire on pillar, wife in exchange of words with East German guards and East German border guards before armored car. (Archive).
Total Allied Control Council building. Rush/United States, get out of car; Jackling, England, goes into the House, Sauvagnargues/France and Abrassimov/USSR when entering the stairs that his raised hand. The flags of the four Nations on the balcony.

04. Holland: 4 days March from Nijmegen marching feet, tall. People of all ages during the 4-days marching, even uniforms, individually and in groups. Tired and with aching feet. Military groups.

05. England: sailing regatta to Admiral's Cup with Edward Heath Heath, great pullover with writing "Morning Cloud" rising from cabin and goes along to wash Board. Regatta preparations. Swing by Heath photographers aboard the "morning cloud". The cruise ship total and half total.

06. Steinhuder Meer: Canoe Sailing Championship swivel boat ashore, demonstration of a pull-out Gleitsitzes. Detail settings, rear end with long pins. Sailors rises out of the water in the ship, sails on. Kick-off. Field of the canoe sailor. Sailors on the Rovo large multiple settings. Boats at the turn. Sailing scenes at great speed. Sailors far lying out by the sliding fits in. Boat capsized under water at the stand-up again. Winner: John Biddle / England.

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Biddle, John ; Abrassimow, Piotr ; Boerner, Hans Jürgen ; Heath, Edward ; Jackling ; Rammelmayr ; Rush, Kenneth ; Sauvagnargues, Jean ; Sechser, Erich ; Schreiber ; Todorov, Dimitri


Hamburg ; Dresden ; Brunsbüttel ; Berlin ; Paris ; West Berlin ; East Berlin ; Munich ; Holland ; England ; Steinhuder Meer


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Border DDR/BRD, borders ; Interviews ; Justice ; Flags ; Press, press conferences ; Reviews ; Sailing ; sporting events ; Container ; maps ; Crime ; Foreign policy events ; Jobs ; Astrology ; Crew ; Anniversaries, Jubilees, birthdays ; Judiciary ; transport


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UFA-Dabei 785/1971

UFA-Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Bank robbery Munich & interviews camera: Rau, fire origin: Fox nuclear reactor in Brunsbüttel camera: L. 10 years wall and four power talks (meeting of ambassadors) camera: Pahl origin: Archive 4 days March in Holland origin: Polygoon Cowes week sailing m. Heath origin: COI canoe Sailing Championship, Steinhuder Meer camera: Rahim at the beginning and end of total length

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