UFA-Dabei 783/1971 27.07.1971


01 Rhine hamlet: railway accident pivot of railway debris damaged House At night. Overturned car. Various shots of debris. Interview with Minister liver. Liver, large. Interview about the safety of the Deutsche Bundesbahn. Interview: "I am convinced that if the population in the country sees that everything is done, what can be done, that it also regains significant awareness, the Deutsche Bundesbahn despite all being the safest means of transport." Railway train in a curve. Pan of clean-up work. Traforanfahrt on wagon tilted to. Clean-up crews. Voyage data recorder of the crashed train, close, opens. Interview with liver, large. Actuality: "is speed a Trump of the Bundesbahn in competition with cars and aircraft?" - "nobody can To want close out this contest, that would mean, the railway abandons himself. She must be so also the speed coefficient as a competitive element in the foreground." Seen tracks from the cab of a moving train. Big train drivers. Tracks from the driver's cab, big driver. Book schedule close. Tracks of the bandwagon. Speedometer, close. Driver, close. Track in a curve. Book: service regulations of 1960, close. Hand of a locomotive engineer on the dead man knob every 50 seconds must be operated, close. Induction magnetic rail, great. Train over the magnets, car stops. Liver, great question. Actuality: "human error and technical shortcomings - it the Bundesbahn will excrete?" - "also if the man is replaced by technology, we have not to do it, which is influenced by many factors and events with a perfect and safe transport. The man can make mistakes, the technique may have defects. This will also in the future, where they always like to get, receive a certain amount of risk of accident on us all." Under the original removal of smashed cars to the site of the accident.

02. United States: Apollo 15 astronauts been, Irwin, Scott in their spacesuits. Saturn rocket on the launch pad, total. Launch of the missile and tracking. Moon Rover in the garage, wheel test, close. Scott and Irwin when training with the Lunar Rover, large and completely. Practice of rock sample collecting. Both get back on the Moon car. Similar to a stretched umbrella special antenna to the direct link between Lunar Rover and Earth station, great. In the lab: the folded Moon car, total, notching the wheels and other accessories. Flying rocket, total.

03. Hamburg: City Park: pop concert of the beat band "warm dust" original sound of the band and a singing. Pan across evening open-air stage. Settings of the Hamburg industrial area to the Billbrook. The band on a bridge and on the road immediately. Pavement and mud puddle with leaves, close. Water splashlng high. Waste water jet flowing from wall pipe in channel. Drive past a fisherman on a boat. Various smoking chimneys as intermediate cuts, the musicians with different head coverings. Band on a long wall.

04. Offenbach: German Water Ski Championships of young girl on water skis will be tightened and lifted out of the water, great. Tracking two runners. 2 falling men sink. Start a runner out of the seat. Slalom, run by Karl-Heinz Benzinger, Manfred Kreusch/Issel, Moselle, is subject to. Slalom Henriette rosendahl, who wins all titles. Ski jumping: Various settings, partly in ZL. Among others jump from Karl-Heinz Benzinger, who jumps 38 m. Assembly of various falls.

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Benzinger, Karl Heinz ; Irwin ; Leber, Georg ; Allen, Scott ; Worden ; Kreusch, Manfred ; Rosendahl, Henriette


Rhine hamlet ; Hanover ; Camp Friedland ; United States ; Cologne ; Hamburg ; Offenbach


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Railways ; Industry ; Interviews ; Disasters ; Fire ; Musical events ; Rockets ; Aerospace ; Surfing ; environmental protection, pollution ; water skiing ; Industrial ; Surfing ; transport


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Weekly Newsreel

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UFA-Dabei 783/1971

UFA-Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Train wreck Rhine hamlet & camera: Rau interview m. driver etc.
Camera: Rühe Apollo 15 camera: fire origin: vis news pop concert "warm dust" in Hamburg camera: Rühe, fire origin: foreign German water ski Championship in Offenbach camera: Luppa, Jackson at the beginning and end of total length

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