UFA-Dabei 775/1971 01.06.1971


1 Munich: Drug counseling Office addicted girl and man beyond meadow interview of the girl: "I feel like the little Prince, who is on the search for a star, and I would like to come to the star." - "how long you're already drug?" - "Yes, I've started in February, but with me it went incredibly fast and intense, because I got started right ´ namely speed, pervitin, and Rektalin, with large amounts, and to get off the stuff, that's incredibly hard and difficult, A lot more difficult than with opiates. Yesterday, I totally freaked out. I only still fixed, already attracted to blood and needles louder. And everywhere I've seen ´ Rektalin and pervitin, it was madness."
Girl speaking, close. Zerstochener forearm, close. Girl lying in the grass. Beat-band, short. Shield: "drug counseling Office, emergency services at any time". Various settings of a Very much young man with circulatory collapse, others, etc. the previous young girl seeking him, lying on the ground. Various settings of addicts in the counseling Office. Young addicted unprecedented in an empty garden speaks.
Interview: "I used to smoke every day 6-8 joints with 16 years. I came then with 20 years for the first time in contact with heroin and morphine. My dependence on the drug was so strong become in the meantime, that I had to inject all four to five hours a me, so to push a shot. One day I heard about the drug advice then. Of course I could not stop spraying, at the same time I've reduced me there but by I me down shot. The withdrawal has begun actually for me here, rehab, not in the hospital, but here in the drug advice." Backed by pictures and him from his present life. He goes to the door of the drug counseling Office courtyard. Close to smoking, is continuing among young people. The last young man in the outpatient clinic on the phone who converse by phone with an addicted caller.

02. Radevormwald: railway accident people with Blum tight bandages, survivors. Hall with 2 rows of coffins. Dahlerau railway station. Railbus leaves station and curve. Pan across the track. Several settings of the accident and panning over the debris of the Railbuses and a freight train. Supervision on cleaning-up operations, total. Crane loads debris on cars. A pair of shoes on Earth.

03. German sports aid. Josef Neckermann archival recordings of German athletes, the men's hurdles, high jumper Heide Rosendahl jump, discus thrower, swimmer. Josef Neckermann, close, speaks.
Interview: "the German sports aid promotes athletes for the about the respective mentor 200 DM per month are spent, in a few cases also 650 DM at the time around 2000."
Sapporo stamps in print. Several settings of the brands to different values. Kurt Bendlin, reached in the Decathlon, during training: Shot put and high jump o-ton of Bendlins, half total.
Interview: "it is important for the athletes that he has no material concerns. I consume about 700 to 800 mark in a month for food, and that takes me but the sports aid partly quite under the arms."
And big with side float Werner lamp, floating in ZL. Lamp sitting speaks on the starting block, totally. Interview: "Yes, I think determines that a sportsman who is supported by the German sports aid will achieve faster good performances as a sportsman who is not supported by the German sports aid."
Runners feet in the starting blocks, close. Running scenes, long jumper. Question: "hurt a cheque the amateur status?". Actuality of Neckermann, half totally sitting at the desk.
Interview: "the German sports aid has never violated the amateur rules. "Even after the new registration rules of the International Olympic Committee, the activities of the German sports aid corresponds to full and all the national and international regulations and rules."

04. Moscow: Lenin Stadium: football charity match for adoption by Yashin football great in the picture. Invasion of the player. Pan over the world eleven with Willi Schulz and Gerd Müller, great. Game guide Yashin from the Dynamo Moscow. Long shot of the stadium. Game scenes. Yashin catches the ball in the goal, total. Goalie change. Yashin received bouquets and goodbye with a kiss from the athletes and is carried on shoulders.

05. 1000 km Nürburgring race various settings before the start. Ferrari (15) with Jackie Ickx. Start the car and various racing scenes. Jackie Ickx at the boxes. Entertainment Ickx with fitters with character. Ickx continues. Racing scenes. Wheel change on the boxes. Ickx moves back to the boxes and get off due to leak in the water coolers. Ickx, close. Racing scenes with 3 Porsches. Winner Gerard Larousse and VIC Elford waving garlands around his neck.

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Bendlin, Kurt ; Nebe, Rüdiger ; Neckermann, Josef ; Elford, Vic ; Ickx, Jackie ; Jaschin ; Lampe, Werner ; Larousse, Gerard ; Müller, Gerd ; Schulz, Willi


Resin ; Radevormwald ; Hamburg ; Munich ; Moskau ; France ; Augsburg


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; stamps ; Railways ; Interviews ; Disasters ; Fire ; Football ; motor sports ; Olympics 1972 ; Postal, postal services ; Townscapes: Australia ; Medicine ; transport


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Weekly Newsreel

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UFA-Dabei 775/1971

UFA-Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Drug Counseling Office Munich camera: Rau railway accident in Radevormwald camera: Rühe, Jürgens, Ganesh Deutsche Sporthilfe camera: Rühe, Ahsendorf origin: Archive football charity match Moscow origin: Sovkino Nürburgring race, 100 km camera: Luppa, Jürgens, Rühe at the beginning and end of total length

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