UFA-Dabei 774/1971 25.05.1971


01 Germany: Dürer year nebe (German newsreel) interviewed passers-by about their knowledge via Nuremberg. Sound bites: "what do you know about Nuremberg?" - "Nuremberg? Nothing at all."-"Nothing."-" Yes, especially first there is the war crimes charges have been. "-"what you know about Nuremberg?"-"Not A lot, gingerbread."-" Nazi party rallies. And 1 FC Nuremberg, are BB´s in the Football League. Between Nuremberg and Fürth which drove times first railroad."-" Yes, ALB... the painting... " "Albrecht Dürer, Yes, Yes."-"That there now days of Albrecht Dürer, Albrecht Dürer Festival take place."
Dürer's self-portrait of 1500, close. Nuremberg station with remarks on the year of Dürer and the self-portrait in glass above the station door. Posters with Dürer paintings on the streets and the market. Market woman, hands, close, with DM 10 notes with Dürer image. Swivel about timber-frame houses. Interior shots in the renovated House of Dürer. Lead-mounted discs, looking out the window. Various settings of Dürer's drawings. Exhibition on the road, including "Hare". Kitsch reproductions of Dürer's work. Drawings, etchings and paintings. Young man in the carving of Dürer's praying hands.

02. more fun during leisure time IV settings by employees in workshops. Panoramic view on Hamburg's Mönckebergstraße from above. Much traffic and many people on crosswalks. Passers-by in passing big and close. Various interviews. Work design: Family (adults) playing well. Model ship making family. Model ship on the water. Young people in the Sports Club.

03. Romania: State visit President Heinemann in Romania Bucharest: trip Hamed through the streets standing in the car with Ceaucescu, escorted by motorcycles. Driving shots of crowds temporarily. Heinemann beckons. Lines of cars. A building swing, indoor outdoor total: work meeting: Ceaucescu haltotal and large. Walter Scheel, Heinemann of great size. Swing over the houses of the town from above seen passers-by wholesale,. Frescoes in old monasteries of Moldova. Couple Heinemann on tour and in conversation with a Patriarch. Ride in the car with Ceaucescu by Crown City. Applauding. Heinemann during the factory tour of German Romanian truck factory. Heinemann climb truck. Heinemann on festive events in the open air. Folklore ensemble at the dance. Heinemann and wife between cheering guests.

04 Olympic roof village and canoe route near Augsburg Munich: Traforanfahrt Olympic village, unfinished buildings. Several settings of furnished rooms: Student as interim resident when handling. Panning over the apartment buildings on Olympic Tower. Construction workers at the Interweb and mounting the suspension roof support for the stadium. Augsburg: construction machinery in operation when setting forth a canoe slalom Eiskanal. Several settings of the concrete rock track. Lock and pouring water in the bobsleigh.

05. Hamburg Music Hall: Joe Frazier show Joe Frazier enters the stage. Several settings. Frazier show members with girls. Frazier close at interview.
"Interview: who makes his show better, Joe Frazier or Cassius Clay?"-"Joe Of course - Joe Frazier is better in every way! He is just better, that is sufficient, but a matter of course."-"would you not like a show with Cassius do?"-" why the? " To sing together! No, Cassius can't sing. Why not? Well, because he has not the slightest idea of singing easily!"
Frazier singing big and close, actuality, intermediate cuts: photos from the boxing match against Cassius Clay.

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Ceausescu ; Heinemann, Gustav ; Heinemann, Hilda ; Nebe, Rüdiger ; Scheel, Walter ; Frazier, Joe


Nuremberg ; Munich ; Augsburg ; Stuttgart ; Hamburg ; Bucharest ; Crown City ; Romania


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Buildings in Germany ; Interviews ; Leisure, recreation ; Musical events ; Olympics 1972 ; 99.412 Deutsche week show GmbH: State visits (outside) ; Art ; Exhibitions ; transport


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Weekly Newsreel

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UFA-Dabei 774/1971

UFA-Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Dürer - Nuremberg anniversary and interviews camera: Rau, fire more fun during leisure time IV origin: polyphonic Bundespräs. Heinemann in Romania camera: Luppa origin: Sahia Olympic roof, village / canoe route camera: out, out, out Joe Frazier in Hamburg camera: Brandes, Seib at the beginning and end of total length

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