UFA-Dabei 768/1971 13.04.1971


01 Germany: Destruction of the municipality of Alversdorf, district of helmstedt, because Brown coal finds in the village of PAL brass band uniforms. Sign "Alverdorf helmstedt, zone border". In addition, man with bogie. Several settings of the village: in the background of industrial chimneys. Look at the power plant Offleben. Various settings of the tearing of the houses with bulldozers.
Converging together houses. Workers at the cemetery in the mountains and removal of the bones in the box. Coffin is placed on a hearse. Hook, large, children on the street. 3 men. Interview Börner (barely visible) with individual residents, including children.
Actuality: "You go away happy from Alversdorf?" - "no, I am going do not like from Alversdorf away. I live here for 12 years and I've settled here and one I'm really sorry."-"No."-"why not?"-"because Alversdorf the whole village was in a family."-"we have to Very much tied it, we were all one community."-"and how is it with you? Want to live better in Alversdorf you?"-"Yes, I want to stay here like, because here not as A lot of city traffic is."-"and you?"-" in the school can be found here friends as in Schöningen. man easier"-"I want to stay here happy."-"and why?"-"because you have here A lot of friends and you can play."
Decontamination dredging operation, swivel. Member of the Board of the brown coal plant, close, speaking o-ton: "under Alversdorf store at least 30 million tons of brown coal. Range 6 years at an annual funding from 5 million for us after all, and thus provided in the Harz-Heide room about 300,000 people." Under the original pictures of the overburden excavator, moving freight, swivel on excavators.

02. Germany: Aircraft VFW-Fokker 614 and Soviet Yak-40 hangar: Traforückfahrt. VFW-614 rolls out. Viewers. Several close-up shots, close. Gangway is lowered. Sight of a jumbo jet cockpit with fittings. VFW-614, frontal on the slopes, Traforückfahrt.
Landing Soviet Yak-40, total and close. Inscription Yak-40, rotorcraft Aertirrena. Engines big and close. Look in the cockpit with the pilot. Pan across occupied passenger space. Launching Yak-40, total.

03. Berlin: heart surgery at a Berlin hospital Westend, total sheep. Shield: Surgery Research Department. Inside, OP: Sheep on operating table is prepared for the operation. Medical team. Cutlery table, close. OP scenes. Beating heart in the chest, close. Heart lung machine. 2 parts of the artificial heart, should be planted in close, doctor hands are held together. The artificial heart is implanted. OP scenes. Apparatus, which records heart activity.
Interview with the team leader, Prof. Bücherl. Actuality: "Herr Professor, research on the development of an artificial heart. The medicine in this area is how far?"-"well, first, I am investigating, Yes, you've seen that we are about 20 doctors, engineers and other scientific staff and second question, there are A few centers in the world, which are today engaged in such experiments. The whole thing is completely in the stage of experimentation, when one understands that a sick heart, previously healthy, should be replaced. It is on the other side to see that it goes significantly forward and that you see now just with long term functioning blood pumps in increasingly that they are tolerable and that they afford that, it is hoped that at the end of an artificial heart. Under the original sound, the artificial heart, drip equipment, close the sheep on the operating table under blankets, breathing. Rotary blood pump.

04. Sneezing, Bavaria: Electronic music group "Popol Vuh" electronic cabinet is operated by a member of the group, close. Drummers, close. The Group of three on the road in sneezing Bach and on a slope, total and close. Entertainment of the three about their music.
Actuality: "first, the one, who know what is a trip, the others surprised be, because they say: what's going on inside of me?" And that's the beauty that you yourself are doing what, and that the music does what with you. This is like a dream. New layers from your unconscious become friends through the music may be clearer, they are tangible. Times to lead the people there, where it is different than usual."
You go in a farmhouse. In young people, who sit on the wall, and the electronic cabinet. Individual earphones, close. Automatic tape device, close. -Use of a locker with headphones, close, hands drumming, close. Disc moves before the lens.

05. Berlin-Kreuzberg: international road cycling race held man at kick-off. Transparent: Start and finish: start of cyclists, from above. Couple on balcony as a spectator, big people in restaurants at the Windows. Various racing scenes, individual riders big. Spectators on the side of the road. Sausage: Hand enough sausage on paper plates to the buyer. Sausage eater and drinking. Viewers on Windows. Corner with street signs "Züllichauer Street" and "Road of Germany". The cyclists finish ride.

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Boerner, Hans Jürgen ; Bücherl ; Popol Vuh


Germany ; Alversdorf ; Berlin-Kreuzberg ; Alwersdorf ; Berlin ; Sneezing Bach/Bavaria ; Sneezing Bach ; Bavaria


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Industry ; Interviews ; aircraft ; Musical events ; cycling ; Medicine ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; Removal ; Mining ; Gastronomy ; Industrial ; transport


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Weekly Newsreel

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UFA-Dabei 768/1971

UFA-Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Destruction of the municipality Alversdorf camera: fire aircraft YAK-40 and VFW 614 camera: Jürgens, Brandes, O'Connell origin: beak film heart surgery in sheep camera: Pahl Popol Vuh group origin: Germany mirror internally. Cycling Berlin-Kreuzberg camera: Ahsendorf, Ganesh at the beginning and end of total length

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