UFA-Dabei 762/1971 02.03.1971


1 Munich: Mayor bird contra SPD Hofbräuhaus, outside, total. Interior: Meeting of the SPD. SPD characters on the front side. Close to applauding young participants. SPD Chairman Meyer, Munich, behind microphones on the lectern, great. Various settings of the participants, large and close. Bird, close, rubs his chin. Bird on the lectern, half total, only from behind, then frontal, close, speaks speaks Very much fiercely original sound.
Actuality: "this political trend, he takes us the possibility and the power, the power, comrades and comrades, to carry out real reforms." It's about the political course of this party. How can we Munich claim, how can we conquer Bavaria and how can we our majorities in Bonn are expanding so, that the Socialist Government is not an episode, but can continue their work after the elections of 1973 on the basis of an absolute majority?"
Intermediate cuts from the audience. Applause.

02. Bonn: Demonstrations of the German farmers Association under the pictures of the demonstration recorded interview of the President of the German farmers Association, army man.
Interview: "we To want no charity, but we To want the fruits of our own efforts as well as all other professionals in our society. No more! -I appeal to the public and parliaments. Do everything, so that agriculture is not the social group the outcast of our affluent society."
Station sign Bonn Bonn. Swivel on incoming train. Farmers in quantities on the platform, and from above seen: on the road between buses. Pan across parked empty buses. Marching with placards and banners like "thinking about the coal mines! Should this happen also with our food?"-" solution: war or more food! " Police officer chain. Posters: 'EEC means huge profits for monopolies and exploitation of workers and peasants"-" rye and pigs are cheap but expensive meat and bread, but it wants Mr Schiller: the farmers of death "-" 1940 Jews - 1970 the peasants, in the year 2000... " ". Pan across the crowd of demonstrators. Army man, large, original sound: "I appeal to the public and parliaments. Do everything, so that agriculture is not the social group the outcast of our affluent society."
Long shot of the demonstrators.

03. Berlin: Mahler process input archival material such as Viet Nam demonstrations. Several grades of Mahler, among others, fuck process. Mahler, close to interview. Actuality: "If in this company non-violent protest is No more taken note or non-violent protest with regard to the violence exercised by the police against us, is No more possible, then I consider violence as a form or expression of protest necessary, and in this sense also politically justified." - "What you think how far the violence?" - "the violence may never go so far as, it is addressed against people. She should also not go so far that people harm can come to in particular, that there can be casualties."
Various settings of the defendants in Baader-Meinhof process. COP searches men with equipment for weapons. People on the street are barely visible by Rüdiger Nebe (German newsreel), interviewed. Actuality: "Would you take on a members of the Baader-Meinhof group with him at home, to protect it from the police?" - "I will give no information. it" - "If that were in print at the moment." - "well, what can I say this - heavy, serious question." - "why you would do that"Yes, I would make."-?" - "Yes, because I probably afflict all help would." - "NE, no honest people are. -The Baader has set but the brand. He has brought other people in danger and I condemn it."
Photo of the Department store fire place. Photos of individual defendant. Pan across a poster with picture of Ulrike Meinhof: kill 10,000 DM reward. Policeman with weapons, close. Nebe with girls.
Interview: "do you think that the Baader/Meinhof group can harm the Socialist movement in the Federal Republic, its working?" - "no, rather good. I would fully, I think that the Baader/Meinhof group has tried to enforce the revolutionary ideas to the largest extent. The other groups just sit there and talk."

04. Dortmund: Choice of German beer King fat man, nah, speaks interview about his beer consumption, elderly lady, young man, young colored, older man, all production sound.
Sound bites: "there have been years, because I had 20 to 25 bottles in some evening." - "especially in the evening when I go to sleep, that's for me to speak my nightcap."-"and collateral for said: it's also incredibly slim." - "not so A lot mills."- "liquid bread and medicine meant for me."
Taps, close, glass is filled. Filled glasses, the foam will be scraped off (archive). Filled beer glasses are used on Tablet, seen from above. Inside: Long shot on the front: "image-beer test! Who will be German beer King?" Tablecloths, occupied, waitress puts glasses before the guests. General dance to the song "Scandal to Rosi, early In the morning..." Beer Tap close, various beer drinkers, close to contemplative taste. Hand, close, writes on beer coasters. PTO competition: beer kegs in a row, men and a lady at the cones, in between with cylinder and stopwatch Arnim Dahl. Winner becomes close with Crown, the only Lady.

05. Hamburg: "Ten Years After" band the band at Hamburg airport arrival: come out of the building, get out of cab. Various settings of the concert. Head of audience.

06. Steinhuder Meer: ice sailing total of the Ice boaters in the lens. Ranking ride. Swing over old newspaper: General illustrated newspaper, over land and sea. Newspaper photos about ice sailing on the Hudson against the Chicago Express. Sailer examines skid. Preparations for ice sailing. Start of the field, the sailors are pushing. Skids, close. Various settings of the race. Passby individual sailors. Turn, close. Long shot in the evening light. Winner is not called.

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Dahl, Arnim ; Heeremann von ; Mahler, Horst ; Meinhof, Ulrike ; Meyer, Helmut ; Nebe, Rüdiger ; Vogel, Joachim


Bonn ; Dortmund ; Berlin ; Hamburg ; Munich ; Steinhuder Meer ; Berlin-Moabit


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Demonstrations ; Railways ; Ice sailing ; Domestic events ; Interviews ; Justice ; Musical events ; Crime ; Competitions ; Gastronomy ; Judiciary ; transport


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UFA-Dabei 762/1971

UFA-Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Obbg. Vegel, Munich, contra SPD camera: o Connor farmer demonstrationen in Bonn camera: Luppa Mahler process in Berlin camera: Pahl origin: Archive option d.dt. Beer King, Dortmund camera: Rieck, Ganesh origin: Archive band "Ten Years After", Hamburg camera: Ahsendorf ice sailing Steinhuder Meer camera: Jackson, fire at the beginning and end of total length

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