UFA-Dabei 754/1971 05.01.1971


01 Sahara Report II Jeep, bus and trailer in the desert, totally. View the bus with tourists. Camels in the desert to the sides of the road. Ghardaia/Tunisia, total. Archway. Various settings and residents. Gun dancing in GH. tourists at the watch. Flutist. Watering hole in the Sahara. Nomads in the soak their Dromedaries from metal containers, several settings. TRUCK dragging old tires as a road roller behind him. Various driving scenes with A lot of dust. Bus wheels, close, stuck in the sand. Tourists push bus to carry about documents for the new directions. Bus occupants walking in the desert, totally. Thermometer, close, shows 60 degrees. Tourist opens cans, big. Pan-eating tourists in the shadow of the bus at folding tables. Desert bus, total.

02. South of France: snow disaster swing space with fully managed cars. Men push cars. A snowbound cars with passengers. Men free cars. People go with luggage in a House. Inside: Pan over occupied tables. Baby in stroller, great. Pan across the lines of cars. Snow ploughs, total and half total. Shoveling the street soldiers.

03. Warsaw: Fiat workshop Fiat cars pass on railway transport window. Long series of new cars. Fiat Polski 125. Viewer. Inside Assembly Hall, various settings. Service station. Spare parts warehouse. A car, total, in the Hall.

04. France, Provence: Witches story forest, driving record. Person in a long cloak in the forest. With branch fork, circle is drawn with cross on the forest floor. Cross made of wood with an egg on it on the forest floor. People leave the Church. Women at graves in the cemetery. People go into the Inn. Inside: Old woman in cultic treatment of an old man. Woman blesses oneself, stroking his pulse, close. Faces close. Gesticulating woman in strong light. Figure with hammered nails, beside a cross. Old woman on the street with goat. Rag dolls. Old woman with faggot in the arm. Burning fire, close. Mood cross in the bog. Cat, close. Full moon. Swivel on water surface.

05. France: The racers run international Championship of the ice-scooters to the start of their scooter. Enter and start, total. Various racing scenes, totally great, close, etc.

06. Innsbruck, Olympic Hill: four hills jumping view from above on the Olympic ski jump. Jumps. Viewers. Traffic light changes the light. Fall of Knight. Flying start and flight from Czech Republic, Jiri Raska, the 94.5 m. Flight from Hubac/Czech Republic, jumps 96 m, making today's winner. Hubac, great. Start by Ingolf Mork/Norway. Mork falls seen from a distance. Repetition of a crash with another camera. Mork stands up again, moving through the crowd, great alone. Viewers.

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Hubac ; Raska, Jiri


North Africa ; South of France ; Warsaw ; Indonesia ; Sahara ; France ; Innsbruck


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Camping, Campinger ; Disasters ; Fire ; Car Ice Racing ; Ski, skiing, ski jumping ; Dance ; automotive engineering, automotive ; Landscapes ; Magician, magic ; transport


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Weekly Newsreel

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UFA-Dabei 754/1971

UFA-Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Sahara - II report camera: Rühe snow disaster in southern France origin: Pathé journal Fiat workshop in Warsaw origin: Polkronika witches in France origin: Gaumont ice scooter racing, France origin: Fox Munich ski jump in Innsbruck origin: Fox pool at the beginning and end of total length

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