UFA-Dabei 753/1970 29.12.1970


Year in review "Dresses games" of the beauty of the soldiers and other fashionable gadgetry of the last 25 years of gunfire; Bikini beauty smiling fetches a ball from the belly button. More shots against cut with bursting balloons, which are held by leichtbekleideten women. Title: "... mini or Maxi". Tanks roll over a field; Title: "25 years of struggle... ". Three mannequins with short dresses; Title: "... to the knee".

Street scenes and studio recordings with bearers of minis and "Maxis" (inter alia, nun habits and long hippy dresses). Demonstrators in Minis through the streets and hold up signs with the inscription: "High with the hem!", "I like mini!". Mannequins present dresses and skirts.

Destroyed station 1945 women clear rubble. Rubble women's fashion show. Legs in nylon stockings, great. Transformation-look: from evening dresses to beach suit, everything from a piece of flag or curtain. Spectators on a bench between the ruins. Winter coat fashion 45 on the catwalk; Audience. Prisoners of war return home.

Demonstration of the 'New Look' of Dior from Paris in elegant surroundings. Nadja Tiller and Hildegard Knef as mannequins, later Minister of Economics Karl Schiller as a spectator. Military Cemetery.

Fashion show on the treadmill high above a factory site. Workers as an audience. Plain clothes will be presented to the audience in the Showcase: legs, big, behind the glass faces of the drängelnden viewers. Uniforms for the "new army" will be presented. Hats, coats and jackets. The model decreases the steel helmet.

Trumpeter, rock 'n' roll dancer, Beebob. Marilyn Monroe and other busty blondes. Parade of the Soviet army to the anniversary of the October revolution. Marilyn throws Kiss hands.

High-heeled shoes with stiletto heel, great. Petticoats are presented. Mannequin with a large hat. Photographer behind an ancient camera, shooting group photos by Franz Josef Strauß in the midst of his soldiers. Two ladies turn the heads with hat. Dozens of evening dresses are presented on a huge stone staircase, the Brandenburg Gate and theatre scenery.

Dressed man with two servants reverses in the carriage. Cocktail glasses. High society party. Sparkling wine-drinking guests. Jewelry and military order; intermediate cut short: war graves. Exhilarating ball night: A guest defines society actuality: "I'd say: money plus good looks and a little character." Guests arriving in ZL. Between cut a slimming Massage belt.

Buxtehude is garrison: A German army battalion moves with music in the place. Beckoning viewers at the edge of the road. Soldier boots, great.

Mannequins in the trampoline competition in ZL (trampoline not pictured); in the background of Brandenburg Gate. West point: American cadets in historical uniforms, throwing white hats into the air film fashion shoots in ZL. Four models in Minis run on the camera. Legs, great. Several Minis are dancingly presented to the public.

American B-52 bomb drop over North Viet Nam. Vietnamese children. Aerial photographs of detonations. A girl takes the hand in front of your face in a desperate gesture. Between cut with mannequins.

Inga Rumpf and band singing a protest song. Rocker from behind. Open-Air mass audience, hippies, dancing geeks.

Man in the coat and hat with a violin case in the attack. Intermediate cut short stills from the movie "Bonny and Clyde" and fashion shoots in the gangster look. Blasting star fighter.

Woman with eye glasses. John Lennon and Yoko Ono. Permissive mode as a distant echo of the protests. Mannequins with long, airy dresses in the Studio. Dresses in metallic shiny plate. Models with barbed hoods, between hanging prisms. Family in radiation protection suit on a coffee table. Snow storm. "Utopian fashion", still photographs of soldiers and cemeteries. Mannequins in the Prism mirror.

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Madrid ; Berlin


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Reviews ; Fashion ; transport


Newsreel (G)


Weekly Newsreel

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UFA-Dabei 753/1970

UFA-Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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This Memorial as a silent Memorial to mini dresses - speed games of the beauty of the soldier fashionable gadgetry of the last 25 years

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