UFA-Dabei 744/1970 27.10.1970


01 Bonn: German forum for development policy and Brazilian Bishop Dom Helder Camara long shot of the session participants. Gallery DOM Hélder Câmara and others. Günter Grass, close. Heinemann, great. Various settings of development aid from the archive, such as for example distribution of food, training etc. Camara's autograph in a book, great. He covered his face with his hand, his face is based on the fist and smiles, great. Head Auditorium. Camara speaking production sound in the English language to the poverty in the world, actuality (translation): "I am member of any Government, nor an expert. I'm just a simple priest. "But I ask you: it's not that the wealth of less countries based on the misery and starvation of 2/3 of mankind?" Intermediate cuts listener, close, a Negro, a white man, an Asian girl. Heinemann, large, original sound speaks: "time is short in the face of the hardships that may seem now sometimes unauflösbar. with A lot of imagination, with great personal involvement with hearty courage it will be possible, to protect our world from the abyss of hunger and chaos."

02. DDR: Manoeuvres of the Warsaw Pact States "Brotherhood in arms" moving tanks, large. Many parachutes in the air. Observing soldiers. Soldiers jump out of helicopters. Armed frogmen ashore. Warships, total; Armored car drive from tailgate. Tanks drive along lakeside. GDR Defence Minister Hoffmann, half total, in explanation, o-ton: "We lead the Friedensstörern in mind that the Warsaw Pact closed available Pact, continuing to secure peace." Several officers. Many tanks in fog in the area. Parade with flags, presented sabers etc. Tanks running on and that took troops. Ulbricht welcomed officers, half total. Integrating between armored soldiers.

03. Salzgitter: The new VW K 70 VW K 70 on the street front. Driving scenes to VW factory in past. Hundreds of stringed new cars, several settings. Factory recordings at Assembly, including car Assembly pit. Factory total remote. Traforückfahrt on new cars. Various settings of the VW K 70 total and detail shots, such as steel window trim, dashboard, odometer, switch. Interior, trunk. Engine compartment, ranking ride. Lamps. Various driving scenes of the car in the area.

04. food: Pop and Blues Festival of Member of a band Get up the forearms. His boots in the air, large. Fans. Legs struggle. Stack "Comix". Poster "book boutique opposite the Stüsselhaus. Buyers who close. Issued pop jewellery. Smoking fans. Poster "Workshop" with the jewelry chain. Untidy room with fans. Drumming hands of a man's bare-chested, close. Band, total. Wild gesticulating young man, swivel chair and slung. Various settings of band members. Swivel on the "machines", a Dutch band drummer. Eating from bag girl, great. Guitarist. Fans, young man, as if in a trance.

05. Lenggries: Mc namara racing horses on village road. Semi-finished cars will be towed across the street. Traforanfahrt on seat before village, woodcarvers at work. Workshop in: various settings by Francis Mc Namara working on race cars. Outside: Car is assembled and loaded onto trucks.

06 Neubiberg: 5th airfield race Francis Mc Namara going in small formula V car, close. The cars at the start. Start. Various settings of the race. Race for touring cars: single car before the start. Starter waving flag. Various settings of the mid-size car in the race. Take straw bales in plastic packaging, with the front wheels. "March 707" / United States. Several settings. Helmut Kellener / Cologne, rises up. Start and pursuit of March of 707 student with wreath, large.

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Câmara, Dom Helder ; Grass, Günter ; Heinemann, Gustav ; Hoffmann, Wolfgang ; Ulbricht, Walter ; Kellener, Helmut ; McNamara, Francis


Bonn ; Salzgitter ; Lenggries ; DDR ; Food ; Neubiberg


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Industry ; development aid ; motor sports ; Musical events ; automotive engineering, automotive ; Maneuver ; Industrial ; transport


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Weekly Newsreel

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UFA-Dabei 744/1970

UFA-Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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German forum for development policy. Bras. Bishop Dom Helder Camara in Bonn camera: Luppa origin: Archive DDR maneuver "Brotherhood in arms" origin: DEFA VW K 70 camera: Ahsendorf pop & Blues Festival in Essen camera: Luppa, Ahsendorf McNamara racing car camera: Rau airport race Neubiberg camera: Rau, Rühe at the beginning and end of total length

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