UFA-Dabei 743/1970 20.10.1970


1 Frankfurt: Police and Kripodemonstrationen waiting cars, drivers, great. Various settings of the demonstrators officials with banners, including the "Federal Republic of front - back police". A police officer faces continuing passenger car series. Poster: "no title, more resources", big and "Genscher, Strelitz and comrades, today fired back". Pahl interviewed police officers, o-ton: "Why demonstrate?" Responding policemen, large, original sound: "for a better grade of officials." - "it's here the salary issue and to the training of police candidates." - "because we have so far found not the treatment of our problems in the appropriate fora, as we just for necessary consider it. Therefore we must go on the road."-" we be Yes also already for many years ver tröten tested, us is held now by the politicians, that we get for years better staff and also more content. " It arrived Not yet unfortunately until now." Police carry a coffin with inscription 'Public security'. The coffin is labeled arrows. Bonn: law enforcement officials when moving. Speakers no sound: 1 Johannes Reiter, Chairman of the Federation of German detective, 2. Ernst Benda from the CDU and member of the German Bundestag, 3. Hermann course corner of the SPD and member of the German Bundestag, each wholesale. Long shot of the demonstrators with different posters. Monument. Posters: "Kripo knockout" screen "swivel"Homicide"murder",.

02. Bonn: Filmmakers at President Heinemann Theatre in the Bonn Center, Forum. Gustav Knuth, great. Gisela Uhlen, Karl Raddatz, large, are welcomed. Knuth writes autograph on the back of a young man and Karl John large and laughing. Gisela Uhlen and Agnes Windeck, together, great. IDA honor and Hilda Heinemann, great. Swivel on Albrecht Saenz and wife Anneliese Born. Kurt Betz and others. Carlo Schmid drink with IDA honor and others. Lil Dagover, large, in profile, swivel on Hilda Heinemann. Elisabeth Flickenschildt with Gustav Heinemann, half total. Gisela Uhlen, Heinemann, Lil Dagover.

03. Bonn: Turkish President Sunay breakdown from El Mundo 423 / 1 - same section. The nose, rolling out Turkish machine. Gallery with janissaries with Turkish flags. Heinemann and wife welcome Watson and wife to red Bishop. Scheel kisses wife Sunay hand and presented flowers, total. German flag, great. Cameramen, including Luppa. Heinemann and Watson, who swings his hat. Janissaries chapel on Gallery. Heinemann and Watson at the front abschreiten. Palais Schaumburg: outdoor long shot. Escorted priority Sunays by motorcycle riders. Willy Brandt, half-close. Brandt is located Watson. Cameramen, inside. Brandt and Sunay, half total. Sunay, great.

04. Munich: Shoulder action 20000 km Feldherrnhalle, outside in the spotlight, by car from Hans-Jürgen Schult, standing on the ramp. Trains with helmet, large and obviously, without sound. Girl with curly, close. Collection of spectators before the Feldherrnhalle. Shoulder kisses the girl in front of his car. His car is guided by the audience. Car on Highway. Schult, close to the valance in the profile, speaks interview: "I'm producing not art, I want to tackle the issue with this action after the art from an unexpected side, by a surprising side." - "not worried because it takes you very seriously? What this bring for your action art?"-"not understanding, confrontation with the people. This dispute is at the moment, where - also caused by your shipment - two people together about this matter, three seconds, fractions of a second, talk to each other." Schult lights up cigarette in the bandwagon. Börner (German newsreel) interview in profile, close with the microphone. Swivel on the opponent shoulder. Schult car frontal with inscriptions: "continue H. Schult, 5.11 70. A shoulder rally and "Texaco". Schult car rolls on the large square in front of the Kunsthaus in Hamburg. He gets out, takes off his helmet, shaking his hair. Man photographed him. He lights cigarette, surrounded by posters with his picture. two young men change his windshield. At the Kunsthaus. Shoulder sits on the edge of the bed, empties his pockets. Close the tape device. Looking through window on bed in that shoulder sleep sets.

05. Duisburg: New rope bridge swing of town image on new rope bridge. Bridge direction instructions. Miners Chapel. Federal Minister liver. Man cuts the Ribbon for the opening of the bridge next to him. Crowd. Liver with accompaniment on the bridge. Driving record under the bridge, on a spiral staircase, which leads up. Recording of driving over the bridge. View from bridge on laden barge, swivelling pillar. Several settings of the ropes. Bridge, total. Traforückfahrt.

06. landscape conservation and nature conservation brisk traffic. Traforanfahrt on industrial plant. Swivel on smoking vent. Walkers in the Woods. Children's playground with a swing and carousel. Walkers. Josef Ertl, cigar smoking, close and big. Slag heaps. Swing on a lake. Boats. Grid on banks. Garden stalls on shore. Head of lead in the water. Lakeside, Bank with his father and children. Horse-drawn carriage in the foggy heathland area. Inmates in an open horse-drawn carriage, rider. Swing by Coachman to horses. Harrow field. Traforückfahrt releases look on Junk cars. Random ride on slaughtered out car in the bushes. Parked old Hamburg car on slope. Scree.

07. Cologne: Football Germany - Turkey 1:1 various scenes. Turkish striker shoots the 1:0 cheering, flag-pivoting migrant workers. Among the spectators, remote. Uwe Seeler. Helmut Schön with sunglasses, wholesale. Gerd Müller in ZL shoots it 1-1.

08th Czechoslovakia: Pardubice steeplechase launch and tracking the rider. Riders take hedge, several crashes. Men help a fallen horse on the legs. Individual riders ride one at a time on taxis ditch. Mass crack and falls. A horse refuses to jump. 1 rider lands with his horse in the trench, falling rider, great. Winner (Bulgarian) rides on temporary Auditorium and at the finish, half total.

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Benda, Ernst ; Betz, Kurt ; Boerner, Hans Jürgen ; Brandt, Willy ; Dagover, Lil ; Ehre, Ida ; Ertl, Josef ; Flickenschildt, Elisabeth ; Heinemann, Gustav ; Heinemann, Hilda ; Knuth, Gustav ; Leber, Georg ; Luppa, Wilhelm ; Pahl, Georg ; Raddatz, Karl ; Reiter, Johannes ; Spillecke, Hermann ; Sunay ; Scheel, Walter ; Schmid, Carlo ; Schönhals, Albrecht ; Schult, Hans-Jürgen ; Uhlen, Gisela ; Müller, Gerd ; Seeler, Uwe ; Schön, Helmut


Duisburg ; Frankfurt ; Bonn ; Dortmund ; Berlin ; Munich ; Indonesia ; Cologne ; Pardubice ; Hamburg


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Buildings in Germany ; Camping, Campinger ; Demonstrations ; Industry ; Interviews ; Children ; filmmaking ; Football ; Police ; Smoking ; Horse riding, horse racing (without harness) ; State visits (inside) ; Townscapes: Germany ; environmental protection, pollution ; Art ; Landscapes ; Social events ; Transport: General ; Industrial ; transport


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UFA-Dabei 743/1970

UFA-Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Police and detectives demonstrations camera: Luppa, Pahl shoulder action 20 000 km camera: Rau, Ahsendorf Türk. Pres.. Sunay typically Federal Republic camera: Luppa, Pahl filmmakers b. Bupräs. Heinemann camera: Luppa rope bridge Duisburg camera: Luppa landscape conservation and nature conservation origin: Archive football Germany: Cologne 1-1 Turkey origin: view pool Pardubice steeplechase origin: State at the beginning and end of total length

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