UFA-Dabei 731/1970 28.07.1970


01 Moscow: Foreign Minister Walter Scheel to renounce violence negotiations in Moskau Walter Scheel, Egon Bahr and other go down stairs. Welcome Scheel and Gromyko, big and close (Scheel seen from the rear). Airport building Moscow, total cameramen and photographers urging gangway, among other Luppa, Scheel and Gromyko in entertainment, Scheel laughs. Young woman writes in the grass of the typewriter. Session: Swing by Gromyko on Scheel. Scheel and train in the profile, great. Bahr with cigarette in his mouth. Pan over the portal of the Spiridinowka Palace, journalists before. Inside: Scheel stairs coming up, greeting and passes on camera. A group of cameramen, great. Session round table: Scheel and Bahr in the middle. Pan on Gromyko with cigarette, big. Gromyko, talking, great. Scheel, half total. Session total to the round table.

02. Dr. Gustav Heinemann stamps 2 hold solution with inscription: "postage stamps definitive series Federal President Heinemann, Deutsche Bundespost". Georg Leber with Gustav Heinemann, half total, hitting the solution and shows the new stamps Heinemann. Quad group of 5 penny stamps with portrait of Heinemann, and six group. There is a group of four from 1 DM brand. Heinemann and liver size when viewing. Hamed hold cardboard with brands. Heinemann, close. Handshakes Heinemann and liver, hands, great.

03. Berlin: Election of "Miss teenage" Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church, swing open car with 3 girls in drive. One of the girls (Asian girl), close. Many young girls on swing, total. Several girls, single, close to the swings. Intermediate cutting, large Antelope head. A group of girls at the Zoo. Among others the German Petra Stemmer. Petra Stemmer, close, eating ice-cream. Actuality of their answer to question about hobbies and career aspirations: "dancing and fashion drawing and underground music with fondness the music of" ten years after "and"Jeffrey Tull"." Two weeks ago, I mean made examination to middle school, but part-time, I'm going to be mannequin - da Me too do the testing, and full time - I know Not yet, my dream job is actually a journalist." A group of 4 girls, great. Petra Stemmer goes big on catwalk, legs. On the catwalk with Frank Elstner. Inge Meysel, laughing, close. Beat singer Harry Gibb sings original sound, big and close. Pan about the applicants, half total. Indian candidate with nose ring, close. Winner Elisabeth Krogh / Oslo takes Cup receive, bows. Press photographers, half total. Elisabeth Krogh used the winner's Crown, which slips off her. Elisabeth Krogh close, swivel Cup and Berliner Bär in her arm.

04. Munich: Topping-out ceremony for the Olympic buildings giant crane lifts concrete level in vacant lot of the Olympic Stadium, totally. Construction workers conducting the stage into the gap. Fluttering flags. The unfinished Stadium, half total. Mayor Dr. Vogel, half the total, original sound of the microphone: "we have anticipated this internationality in Munich already in the phase of construction work, because here on the field only about 45 percent of construction workers from the Federal Republic, of the other but from a total of 18 European and non-European countries." Total of score. Polishing drinking from glass and zerwirft it. The Richtkranz is pulled up and swing it. Traforückfahrt and pan across the Olympic site. Stadium under construction, swing.

05. Cologne: Men's fashion report still photographs of the 10 best-dressed men of in Germany: Peter Böhnisch, Harry Valerien, Karl-Günther von Haase, Dietmar Schönherr and Ms. Vivi Bach, Ralf Dahrendorf, Dieter Hildebrandt, Rex Gildo, Paul Hardy said (wipes with fingers his nose), Charles Reignier, Jochen wide. Jury. Jochen wider presented half total wider in profile, and large by a gentleman of the German Institute for men's fashion certificate, bows. Men's fashion shows with Tanja Berg between the Dressmen. Tanja Berg sings original sound under umbrella on a roof, various settings as intermediate cuts. 4 Dressmen with big hats, in the background of the Cologne Cathedral. Several images of the big hats. Long coats with wide legs, pan across large hats on Hat rack. Various settings of the Dressmen, various details, such as scarves, cuff, belt closure. Pre-accession shot at Dressmen. The men's with Web fur coats and fur hats, each individually. In between always the singing Tanja Berg.

06. St.: International German championship in the yachting of traforanfahrt on the beach sailors, start. Field of sailors, various settings, total, half total, tall and close. Viewers on the edge of the track. Several sailors individually to their self-made sailing now. Sailing cart of the small 6.5 class, total, trip and turning. Ride the winner life Möller / Denmark, total. Defending champion Uwe Schröder / Hamburg, in total driving. Various settings of the Strandsegelns.

07. France: River lot at Cajark: the outdoor Board powerboat racing giant clock, World Championship half total. Kick-off. Various settings of the race. As viewers Pompidou and Mrs Claude, with cigarette, she is great with dark sunglasses,. Race of the 250 cc class. Various settings of the fast-paced race with splashing water on the turn. Pompidou and wife, great. Winner: Peter Rosenow / East Berlin in his boat. Pompidou Cup and shaking hands, he presented, half total.

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Bahr, Egon ; Berg, Tanja ; Breiter, Jochen ; Gibb, Harry ; Gromyko, Andrej ; Heinemann, Gustav ; Krogh, Elisabeth ; Leber, Georg ; Meysel, Inge ; Pompidou, George ; Pompidou, Claude ; Scheel, Walter ; Stemmer, Petra ; Vogel, Joachim ; Lifemöller ; Rosenow, Peter ; Schröder, Uwe


Munich ; Moskau ; Cologne ; Berlin ; France ; St. Peter-ording ; Bonn


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; cameramen, cameramen ; motor boat race ; News, communications ; Olympics 1972 ; Photographers ; Postal, postal services ; Smoking ; beauty pageants ; Sailing ; 99.412 Deutsche week show GmbH: State visits (outside) ; Container ; Fashion ; construction ; transport


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Weekly Newsreel

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UFA-Dabei 731/1970

UFA-Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Foreign Minister Scheel in Moscow origin: Sovkino Heinemann stamps camera: Luppa election "Miss Teen" in Berlin camera: Pahl, Ganesh topping Olympic buildings Munich origin: Fox men Cologne camera: Jürgens, Ahsendorf Beach sailing St. Peter-ording camera: fire, Jürgens powerboat World Championship, France origin: Gaumont at the beginning and end of total length

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