UFA-Dabei 724/1970 09.06.1970


01 Romania: floods aerial photographs of the flooding area. Driving scenes on the roofs of sunken houses passing by. Three men on a raft. Industries under water. Men sweep the mud of a road with Reisigbesen. Locals in clean-up work. Wife caresses Shepherd lying on rubble next to her. Landline is reflecting in the water.

02. Peru: earthquake disaster driving recording coast. Pan across rubble and destruction. People at clean-up work between the rubble. Survivors sit with their possessions. Loading/unloading of tools, food and drugs, several settings. People from rubble, dead or injured is taken away on the ceiling. Peruan. Aircraft: Injured be taken to carry on board. Old woman sits alone on rubble. Hospital beds in the open air. Something on a submarine stripe on her forehead is written a woman. Sick woman on bed. Pathetic crying little boy, close. High debris.

03. Mexico: World Cup winner of a trip to Mexico on airfield with posters "Ran Aleman". Swivel on bug by Lufthansa machine. Quite a few of the winners large and close on the plane. Men play cards. Tickets in hands, close. Street scene from Leon. German "Fans" on the road with straw hats, trumpet and banner, big and close. Bus with open Windows, from which German flags flying. Donkey riders with a German flag. Pan on hotel Comanilla, the German team hotel. Mexican police officer with a gun. Dining room with the German players at different tables. Various wholesale and close-ups, in conversation. Police officer, sleeve label close, next to the bus of the German teams with inscription "Alemania". Entrance to the stadium by Leon. COP group. Young people on the bus.

04. Northern Ireland, Ulster: Maximum works total of work. Font: High fibre IND. Indoors: Man on coils, coils, close. Fashion show. Clothing made from man-made fibers, short, audience, male model and mannequin on the catwalk. Terraced houses of employees; inside: Women when you scroll in a German magazine. Kindergarten, Interior, multiple settings, children paint. Close-ups of the children. School: Teacher at Blackboard, kids in the class. Swimming pool, long shot. Children on the way to school.

05. Garmisch: German whitewater championships on the Loisach swivel of the mountains on the River with canoeists. Griesenschlucht. Various settings of the canoeists. To evoke spectators on the shore. Defending champion Bernd Kast, large, is again German champion. Various shots of canoeing in ZL. A driver floats forth behind his capsized boat and hanging it.

06. Hamburg: Men's travel wear fashions at the Hamburg Airport. Rolling machine of Lufthansa. Docking, half-total and total, rolling out. A winker float in front of the aircraft. Landing Panel at the airport. Mannequin and three Dressmen on gangway, totally and on the tarmac. A Winker, great. Various settings of the Dressmen before the engines in different travel suits. Girls with faces the engine and decreases the coat to one. Assembly Hall, short. in the passenger compartment: men in a dark coat. Coat and hat. Several settings of the suits. Dressmen and girls on trolley ride on aircraft temporarily. Traforanfahrt on the nose. In the polling Hall at the Bank, are on the way to the plane, totally Dressmen and girls. Aircraft wheels, great. Launching jumbo jet, total. Subtitles: fashion tips for Adam. The aircraft is a jumbo jet.

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Kast, Bernd ; Libuda, Reinhard ; Müller, Gerd ; Seeler, Uwe ; Surtees


Northern Ireland ; Romania ; Peru ; Ireland ; Hamburg ; Mexico ; Garmisch-Partenkirchen ; Belgium


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Industry ; Kayaking, canoeing, whitewater ; Disasters ; Children ; Fire ; Football ; Fashion ; aerial photographs ; Industrial ; transport


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Weekly Newsreel

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UFA-Dabei 724/1970

UFA-Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Floods in Romania origin: Sahia earthquake in Peru origin: vis news FIFA World Cup in Mexico + game Germany / Bulgaria 5:2 not for sale!: camera: Rühe, Jürgens, Seib Hoechst plant in Northern Ireland origin: COI whitewater championships a. d. Loisach camera: Rau, Pahl, Rieck menswear Hamburg camera: fire origin: archive at the beginning and end of total length

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