UFA-Dabei 719/1970 04.05.1970


1 Mönchengladbach: German Cup: Borussia Mönchengladbach - HSV 4:3 game by floodlight. Various scenes of the game. Kaka / Borussia score goal. Fans run onto the field, flag-waggingly Borussia. Bleidick / Borussia score goal. Scored 4: Storm 3 spectators overhead kick by Kaka, on the field with flags. Kaka holds the trophy high, great. German champions Borussia Mönchengladbach.

02. Frankfurt: Agri Fund, wagon Richard Ott, gold transporter, close. His hands download drum revolver, close. Close Cap shield: Guard, armoured car service. The armoured car service for cars. Security guard in the car with a gun in his hand. Security guard, swivel gun bag. Wagon is loaded from, close. Car is closed, close. Transport will be delivered at security growth fund. Man grabs gold bullion in a glass box. People in front of the box full of bars. Faces, partly close. Swing guard men on showcase. Georg Pahl asks those present whether they would prefer gold or the equivalent amount in DM. "Talks, o-ton:"What would you do prefer, a Tausendmarkschein or the equivalent in gold?"-"The equivalent in gold,"-"Nen Tausendmarkschein."-"the equivalent in gold."- well, a Tausendmarkschein you can create better in interest" - "Oh, the same value in gold." - "That is, Yes The same." - "Yes, God, I'd say, it all depends on" Faces, close. Intermediate cuts gold box.

03. Lerchenauer Lake: Minister Josef Ertl several grades of Ertl fishing, large and close. Swimmers in the water, wriggling fish, is caught with nets ashore. Reeling fish in the net. "Interview with Ertl leads Hans Ludwig Wiechmann, o-ton: what does Bonn, to promote the marketing of German agricultural products from abroad?"-"Yes, we have now in this year for the first time greater funding for a targeted and intensive promotion of quality products, which manufactures in Germany are available, namely - that namely this year for the first time, the selling Fund Act takes effect and the Covenant itself provides even 70 million for this Fund." Certainly A lot therefore jetzteinmal Very much initial work must be done, and we're not quite at the latest. We are to extend this sales network for German quality products all over the world. We come to South East Asia. So a sales Centre is opened just because of the interesting market in Japan this autumn in Tokyo, where appropriate customers can directly obtain German qualifying products, be it German ham, German sausage, unless German cheese, be it wine, unless beer; everything we have to offer varied from here and I think the German Agriculture and the German food industry can be with their quality products." Both great. Pan across cabbages. Agriculture machine. Hay turning machine; Kornfeld; Egg graders; Egg grippers; Candling eggs; Fruit sorter; Milk bottles and bags; Cheese packaging machine; Margarine or butter machine.
Ertl, close, speaks interview about markets (Japan). Vegetable stand with asparagus, etc. Vegetable stand in a supermarket; Sausages, cheeses in shelves in storage; Girl with grapes at harvest; Beer foam is stripped of full glasses; Butter packaging machine.

04. Bremen: 8. May 1945 and today aerial of Bremen: 1945 pan out destroyed city various settings of 1945 and 1946, 1946, and from the same point of view in 1970. Among other things, destroyed Weser bridge and rededication in 1947 by Mayor Kaisen. New flat bridge over the Weser. Several modern Weser bridge, panning. Driving scenes through the new Bremen. Schnoor chimes. Several well-kept old houses, narrow road with organ woman, total and close. Driving scenes through new building area with residential, business and industrial buildings. Driving scenes through the modern Bremen.

05. Timmendorfer Strand: Hotel Maritim: MCA show views of the beach of Timmendorfer swimming pool of the Hotel Maritim seen from above. Spray. Hotel Maritim, total and partial shots. Girl Tracy from Wolfsburg goes along to window. Colored start of the MCA show running down the stairs. 3 girls look on beach chair. View of Windows: outside, young people have fun. Shots at the bar. Josef Laufer on the phone at the bar and underwater swimming seen through glass. Laufer, close, sings original sound. "Still high, high, high". 3 sisters "Hearts of Soul" singing original sound, great. The "Skorpyons", coloured pair from Jamaica, large and close, total, singing original sound. Barry Mason, close and Synvan, original sound, sing together "When you say, what you say... ". Pan on covered tables with guests. Tracy, sings great and close, actuality, and Leapy Lee with country-pop "falling in love again..." "That interview."

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Bleidick ; Ertl, Josef ; Hearts of Soul ; Laufer, Joseph ; Lee, Leapy ; Mason, Barry ; Ott, Richard ; Pahl, Georg ; The Skorpyons ; Synvan ; Tracy, Spencer ; Wiechmann, Hans-Ludwig ; Köppel


Lerchenauer Lake ; Frankfurt ; Holland ; Switzerland ; Bremen ; France ; Mönchengladbach ; Timmendorfer Strand ; Timmendorf


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Banking, banking ; Hands ; Trade, finance ; Interviews ; Europe, EDC, EEC ; Fish ; Forestry ; Football ; Musical events ; Townscapes: Germany ; automotive engineering, automotive ; Weapons ; Economy ; Agriculture ; aerial photographs ; finance ; Agriculture ; transport


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UFA-Dabei 719/1970

UFA-Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Football Mönchengladbach/HSV i. Mö. German Championship.
Camera: Luppa, Rühe, Wiers agri Fund, Frankfurt, gold camera: Jürgens, Pahl Minister Ertl - marketing camera: Rau origin: archive, film d AID: "It comes on and to".

Bremen - may 8 1945 + camera today: fire MCA show at the Maritim Hotel in Timmendorf camera: Rühe at the beginning and end of total length

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