UFA-Dabei 716/1970 14.04.1970


01 transfer and state funeral for the counts Spreti assassinated in Guatemala men carry stretcher with the body count Spretis in hearses. Departure. Karl Graf Spretis, great photo. Cologne-Wahn Airport: Pan across that took Bundeswehr soldiers, rolling out aircraft. Federal Minister Walter Scheel and Countess Spretis, great. That took Bundeswehr stand with lowered flag. Soldiers wear pillows with order, behind the flag-covered coffin. Countess Spreti and Scheel with the Spreti children total. Coffin is over, close. Funeral society. Funeral service in the Bundestag: Countess Spreti, Heinemann, great. Bundestag total; Coffin with flowers. Swivel on the assembled Cabinet and the diploma Corps. Scheel speaks at the head of the coffin, totally original sound: "he was the victim of people who pretend to fight for something better than the existing. No one in the world which humanity perceives only a spark, can still believe that after this ruthless Act. The cold-blooded and cruel murders and an uninvolved erpresserischer seduction, abduction and imprisonment is a crime that is justified by no political objective." Intermediate cuts Heinemann and Countess Spreti and Willy Brandt and 2 children of Spretis, great. Kiesinger and Wehner, great. Pan across funeral society in the Bundestag.

02. Munich: CSU Party Conference giant poster "Germany needs Bavaria, CSU" behind flowers. Franz Josef Strauß behind it on the lectern, TV. Long shots of the Hall. Strauß welcomes dog hammer half total. Kiesinger, close. Strauß standing in conversation with seated CSU members. Strauß, close to the microphone speaks interview: "what you have above actually? What are your long-term goals in domestic and foreign policy, prepared behind the fog curtain of wortgewaltiger phrases? Do you think that the Soviet Union at their requirements will loosen the iron grip of the Brezhnev doctrine? Think you that by accepting the German Prize for the 2nd World War is finally paid, believes Soviet demands, that you then a cozy juxtaposition with tendency to the envelope into the trust will reach together?"

03. Willy Brandt visited the United States Willy Brandt and Richard Nixon before crowd, half total. The hands enough audience Brandt and Nixon. That took US soldiers. Brandt and Nixon standing on Gallery, below the ladies of Brandt and Nixon, great. Brandt and Nixon in the profile in a row, big. Pan effigy on fire before in armchairs Brandt and Nixon talk, big Washington. Both individually, each big. Texas: road to Texas with cars by mountains driving to El Paso and Fort Bliss. Brandt in the company on tour in El Paso. Brandt, tall, converses with missiles school soldiers, women and children.
Port Bliss: Monument Fort Bliss and various buildings. Brandt welcomed members of the training command. Nike Hercules missiles are erected.
Cape Kennedy: Start Saturn 5 rocket Apollo 13. In the crowd: Brandt, Mrs Brandt, behind Brandt Wernher von Braun. Brandt, and Brown, each large, short. Rocket, applause missile Centre in the control room. Brandt received a model of the Saturn rocket as a guest gift.

04 Leverkusen: Exhibition "Jugend forscht" various settings of students who build their devices. Henry Nannen and Director Hanna (by Bayer) for sightseeing, total, short. Several young people with their machines and devices. Table: radio astronomy. Young girl in explanation of their work before judges. Audit Commission sitting on the low wall, pan across the dangling legs of the men's. Members of the examination Commission maintains with applicants. Pan across Commission for advice. Henry Nannen, left in the image, speaking and (barely visible), the prices present Federal Research Minister Leussink, Henry Nannen pins as Paul Steffens for physics, winner in biology, Frank Riemann, badges, large. Price at Wolfgang Eckhart for technology and Rolf Dürr for math.

05. Osaka: Expo several settings cityscapes of Osaka. Crowds at the exhibition grounds with the pavilions of different Nations. Propelled cable car, monorail. Spherical Pavilion of the Federal Republic with spindle-shaped pedestrian bridge. Crush on escalator. Various settings in the German Pavilion with film and slide projectors. Music dome: Stockhausen on the mixer, short swing. Listeners in Stockhausen's electronic tele music, original sound.

06. Hockenheim: Jim Clark Memorial race of the formula II car starter is dismissive, great. Various settings of the race. Scoring run to European trophy. Derek Bell on 'Brabham', not even in the picture, Hubert Hehne on BMW (not pictured). Jochen Rindt is rammed from behind and lifted. The have rammed her car slowly driving back. Rindt pushes his cart with mates. Racing scenes. Winner: Regazzoni / Switzerland receives large Cup.

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Bell, Derek ; Brandt, Rut ; Brandt, Willy ; Braun von, Wernher ; Dürr, Rolf ; Eckhart, Wolfgang ; Heinemann, Gustav ; Hochstein ; Hundhammer ; Kiesinger, Kurt ; Nannen, Henry ; Nixon, Patricia ; Nixon, Richard ; Riemann, Frank ; Spreti von, Karl ; Spreti ; Scheel, Walter ; Steffens, Paul ; Stockhausen ; Strauß, Franz Josef ; Wehner, Herbert ; Hahne, Hubert ; Regazzoni ; Rindt, Jochen


Leverkusen ; Osaka ; United States ; Moskau ; Munich ; Hockenheim, Germany ; Bonn ; Texas ; El Paso ; Fort Bliss ; Cape Kennedy ; Cologne


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Domestic events ; Education, youth ; motor sports ; Musical events ; Rockets ; Aerospace ; 99.412 Deutsche week show GmbH: State visits (outside) ; Deaths, funerals ; Competitions ; Testing ; Exhibitions ; transport


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UFA-Dabei 716/1970

UFA-Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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[...]rmorieton count counts Spre [...]i origin: [...]

Munich: CSU Party Conference camera: Rau Willy Brandt in United States "Jugend forscht", exhibition in Leverkusen camera: Wiers International Exposition in Osaka origin: Polygoon Hockenheim race, Jim-CLA [...]-Gedächnisrennen origin: views pool at the beginning and end of total length

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