UFA-Dabei 715/1970 07.04.1970


01 Turkey: Earthquake and airlift of the Bundeswehr village Gediz and aerial photographs of the disaster area. Landing Bundeswehr machine. Loading/unloading boxes, blankets and food by soldiers and men of technical helper service. Setting of the disaster area. Residents return. Tents in the village, village road, debris. Salvage work. Family with loaded donkeys on the road. Refugees. Man is shaved on the road. Homeless.

02. Bremerhaven: Europe's largest fishing port Quays of Bremerhaven. Fishing boats in the harbour. Sailors at the mooring, great. Hall with boxes full of fish in the ice, totally. Fish auction, some of the original sound. Dealer close To give characters, hand with wag his finger at the bidding. Close auctioneer, to the microphone with an extra charge; Fishing factory ship at the pier, totally swing on forklift trucks with crates. Cold storage: frozen fish plates on the conveyor belt, men take fish plates from the band Hall and stack them in grid car that transported them in factory. Sawing of frozen fish plates, plastic-wrapped portions on the Assembly line. Packers at work. Hall with boxes full of fresh fish. Inscriptions on carriages: Cologne-lime-Nord 1, Koblenz, Munich. Wagons slowly on snow-covered track. Illuminated vessels at the pier at dusk, cutter sets.

03. Dortmund: International German Swimming Championships pool-long shot: legs in the foreground, close on springboard. Bounce. Float in their cars. 400 m freestyle: Axel Mibauer, close to ZL. Winner: Werner lamp / Bonn floats on pool edge. women's 100 m breaststroke: Bounce of the ladies and close in England, their railways Diana Harris / Oldenburg, and Uta Fommater, frontal swimming in ZL. Finish of the two. Champion UTA Frommater. the men's 100 m Dolphin: bounce, ZL of swimmers in their cars. Turn from Herbert Franke, ZL. ZL recordings by Volker Meeuw, will close, frontal, third. Stopwatch in one hand, pressing, running. Referee table. Winner: Herbert Franke. Ursula Römer / Würzburg with crawl, tracking. WINS 4000 and 800 m freestyle and 400 m individual medley. After the victories total, large, rises from the basin.

04. portrait Football Club Hertha BSC 2 soccer balls into the goal. Trick: The team and their coach seem outside the gate. Team in training. Coach Kronsbein, close. ZL shooting training gym. Kronsberg throws ball into the goal, balls are caught by goalkeeper, partly in ZL. Game in the Olympic Stadium: Hertha BSC - Eintracht Frankfurt. Teams enter the pitch. Cheering, flag-pivoting viewers. Game scenes. Hannes Sobeck, Berlin goalkeeper of the pre-war period, close, o-ton: "the game used to be somewhat slower than they are today. See, the training conditions of that time were so different to today. "We have worked all day, have trained more than 1 or 2 times per week while the players need today in the morning 2 hours in the afternoon 2 hours train economic worry, have No more work and quite logical, that the players are moving, einsatzfähiger and elastic." Horr / BSC shooting ball in goal, as Steffenhagen. Ball bouncing into the goal, great. Result 2:0 for BSC. Lutz / Frankfurt, faking out the ball into her own goal.

05. Madrid: Boxes Peter Weiland - Urtain / Spain press photographers, swivel on Peter Weiland, who on balance increases. Urtain, close, massaged the shoulders. Weiland in the ring, waving, box scenes. Weiland is knocked down. Walker fends off all the time. Transparent for Urtain. Walker falls into the second round. In the 7th round, Walker hangs on the ropes and Dankin is counted by the English referee to 6 misstep by Dankin. Weiland gets up at 6. As the winner in the ring: Urtain.

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Dankin ; Franke, Herbert ; Frommater, Uta ; Harris, Diana ; Horr ; Kronsbein, Helmut ; Lampe, Werner ; Hein, Lutz ; Meeuw, Volker ; Mitbauer, Axel ; Römer, Ursula ; Sobeck, Hannes ; Steffenhagen ; Urtain ; Weiland, Peter


Turkey ; Bremerhaven ; Madrid ; Berlin ; Dortmund


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Boxes ; Bundeswehr ; Trade, finance ; Disasters ; Fish ; Football ; Shipping ; Swimming ; Ski, skiing, ski jumping ; Economy ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; aerial photographs ; transport


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UFA-Dabei 715/1970

UFA-Wochenschau (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Earthquake i. d. Turkey and airlift of the Bundeswehr origin: [...]

Europe's largest fishing port, Bremerhaven internally. Swimming Championships in Dortmund camera: L., Rieck, Wiers portrait Hertha BSC and Hannover 96/Eintracht Frankft game.
Camera: Pahl, Ahsendorf boxes, Madrid origin: No.-do at the beginning and end of total length

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