UFA-Dabei 714/1970 31.03.1970


1st Jumbo Jet in Hamburg Boeing 747. Seattle: Boeing 747 at the bottom front. Traforanfahrt. Parked aircraft at the airfield. Federal Minister liver, half the total, in workshop. Factory settings. Bug with inscription: big monster, engine and tire killer. Several settings of the large machines with labels such as TWA and Lufthansa etc. Liver and companions climb up the gangway. Brake is pulled away. Jumbo Jet rolling and start head-on, wheels are retracted, great. Liver, close, actuality speaks: "here it must make attention, that if the airlines keep fares, rising wages, rising material costs, rising fees for the ever more expensive and land operations at airports - that that is indeed an advantage on the traveller is over - he has a higher comfort, greater security and No more paying for it as so far." Pilot's hand on map. Look in the cockpit and dashboards. Hamburg: Landing of the jumbo jet, total, wheels close in the preliminary role. Crowd with umbrellas. Jumbo Jet rolling out. Police Chapel.

02. Berlin: four-power Conference U.S. delegation emerging from U.S. plane. Welcome with Mayor Klaus Schütz. Cars. Archive images: debris, bread output, Control Board, dragging the Russian flag in front of the Council building, air-bridge pictures, Ministers Berlin 1954, Khrushchev in East Berlin). Demonstrators on the street with posters: "Abassimow make the door off", "The wall must fall", "Allied powers for all of Berlin", swivel and poster "Berlin belongs to the Federal Government". Priority Abrassimows in front of the Council building, total. Welcome outside. Press photographers. Abrassimow is in the House. Uniform Gallery in the Conference Hall. Pan across the boardroom with Abrassimow. Abrassimow in the interview, great. MP man, great.

03. Texaco Europe - yard test drive tractor pulling the tanker, tail ahead. Tanker in drive. Commando, the man at the helm, the hand with stopwatch, close. Panoramic view over the deck; Engine room; Chimney inscription "Texaco". Rear with rear shaft. Men at the helm. Instruments in the engine room. Pan across the tail rotor shaft on exchange rate difference on surface of water. Propeller in operation. Command bridge. Helmsman is at "Full back". Various settings of the machine room. Anchor rushes from Hawse, great. Current anchor chain, close.

04. Hamburg, downtown: Interview - "How welcome I mean woman?"
Your doorstep built on. Viewers. Hans Ludwig Wiechmann interviewed passers-by, o-ton: "I go around, I have to go out there, by her, stroke her hair or..." - "depending on how the situation is." - "well, it all depends, How long I am married, how welcome is the greeting." Rosi Remmer opens the detached front door, greeting each other one by one different men. Different viewers, Walton in between. Sound bites: "N evening! Well, how was today? -Oh, it was pretty good."-"Yes, A lot of work?"-"Yes, in the business."-"Hello, well, we?"-"as was's doing today so?"-"Yes, Very much beautiful."-" well, there you go, well, I'm glad but! " Put your coat yet."-"I hope you got the coffee already hot set."-"Yes, I have. You drink, because any tea tonight?"-"this again must be tea?"-"Do you like a cup of tea?"-"no, always tea, this is so terrible."-" my treasure - will be grad of the cones. "-"of the cones? "You've got ' n bit drunk A lot, don't!"-"I was still in the CDU."

05. Patscherkoferl: Mini-Bob different settings when the sledding on mini-Bob. Plastic-Bob, seen from below, close. Driver sits on it. Several slopes, falls, girl undresses anorak and stands in a bikini. Group of the drink driving.

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Abrassimow, Piotr ; Leber, Georg ; Remmert, Rosi ; Schütz, Klaus ; Wiechmann, Hans-Ludwig


Berlin ; Seattle ; Hamburg ; Patscherkofel


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Bobsleigh ; Demonstrations ; Hands ; Domestic events ; Interviews ; aircraft ; Shipping ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; snow cars ; transport


Newsreel (G)


Weekly Newsreel

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UFA-Dabei 714/1970

UFA-Wochenschau (Other title)

Country of Origin:
Federal Republic of Germany

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Jumbo Jet in Hamburg camera: Rühe four powers Conference in Berlin and retrospective camera: Pahl origin: Archive: look i. d W.

Texaco Europe, shipyard test-drive Jungfernstieg story: "how welcome I mean woman?"
Camera: Rieck, fire mini-Bob - European Championships camera: Rau at the beginning and end of total length

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